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Amazing Farm is the cutest farm and hay day game on android! Our farm is always 100% FREE and runs without ethernet. Let's farm! Hay day coming! Experience the quiet charm of rural life and feel like a real businessman!
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Main Features:
----- Plant fresh hay, crops, vegetables, fruits, and berries on your farm;
----- Raise the lovely pets: chicken, cow, lamb, pig, cat, dog and so on;
----- Equip and develop your farm ranch, design the prettiest farm with wonderful decorations;
----- Build your own family farm town and invite lovely tourists to celebration day;
----- Produce farm-fresh goods: milk, bread, cookie, pizza, sandwich, chocolate, candy;
----- Invite the friendly neighbors to your happy farm.
----- You will Become true farm heroes one day!

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True Farm Story:

Good Day Everyone! This is the Top Farm!
You will have the opportunity to grow a variety of crops, hay, hayday , vegetables, fruits, and berries on your farm ville. Equip and develop your farm, take care of the cute pets and help your neighbors. Gather resources and open up production to bring your farmville to prosperity.

But that's not all! In this game you will have ability not only to build your farm - the whole nearby city and city ville will depends on your success.

Enlist the support of your friends, and create your own distribution network, help the development of the city and provides residents with supplies and ... Who knows, maybe it is you who will one day become the mayor of hay Farm Town! Its hay day on your farm.

Welcome to the exciting game about the life of a villager near the town of


New farm town

Love it

Luv walgreens

This is so addicting!!!!

Dont hold breath on jewels
Mama Pzuf&;.9)?

Do try and play the challenges for "extra" jewels....THEY NEVER GIVE THEM TO YOU!!!!

This a good
aung kyaw khant

Some thing is worg

Constantly crashes!

Game is fun, but it always crashes! Super annoying!

Love game

I love the game but it takes too many diamonds to get what you want

Love the game

Give it 5 stars


Hay day is bettet

Bella's Boss

Game is fun but crashes sot and even when I tried to buy rubies to play in the game it wouldn't let me can't play. It was fun a few yes ago but I just downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and I am soooo over this app!



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