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It's a fabulous new day for our beloved little princess! After all the excitement over the cute little girl, it's time to get down to the real business. They may be royals, but it’s still not easy for them to take care of a teeny-tiny baby.
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Games Free Namrata Mavdia iPhone, iPad, iPod

Now her royal highness needs you to lend a hand with the adorable baby Princess and give the little one your love. Caring for a little royal may be quite the same as caring for any baby. You still need to deal with things like feeding, dressing, bathing and entertaining the little one… and after a long day, nothing can be more comfortable than a warm bed. Put her in bed, and read her a bedtime story to send her off to dreamland. The sun says goodbye, and moon murmurs goodnight. Sweet dream, sweet night.

Game Features:
- There are so many levels like bath, care, dresses, shopping and many more.
- HD colourful graphics design.
- Supported all devices.
- Amazing sounds and fully instruction for play the game.

It’s amazing Game for little kids, toddler and as well as adult also.

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