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Nevertales: Shattered Image HD - A Hidden Object Storybook Adventure

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A mysterious mirror-hopping monster has taken your daughter and now the entire world is splitting apart at the seams! The solution is in your hands – just turn the page…

Your daughter Alice has a special talent—she can use mirrors to seek out distant worlds and hidden realms.

When a shadowy creature suddenly appears through one of the portals and kidnaps Alice, your world begins to shatter! You must travel into Book-worlds to save your daughter and your world!

Travel through fantastical locations, find old friends and encounter new ones, solve ancient mysteries and puzzles, and search for useful items within hidden object scenes as you seek out a way to rescue your child.

Earn achievements and find hidden collectibles scattered through various locations! Plus, enjoy exclusive extras such as replayable mini-games, wallpapers, and concept art!

*This game is best experienced on iOS 7.0 and up.*

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Bummed out

I played the free trail and just couldn't get into the game enough to buy. I loved the other Nevertale game but this one was boring. Most of the free trail was moving between three rooms in the house, back and forth. Outside wasn't anything to write home about. Maybe if it goes on sale I'll give it a chance.

Old Tigerbaby

The response time to cues is poor. Multiple tapping required to get from place to place and identify objects. Too much back and forth. Items don’t respond until they are needed making knowing what to tap from one time to the next frustrating.


The graphics are okay, but that's about all I can say I liked. I found it confusing. It took me quite a while just to locate the help key. There are no directions or maps to guide you. Lots of back and forth without any reason other than to add time to the game. No teleportation. This one has that stupid book that the last release had, where you have to find the symbol in the picture. But, the symbols are hidden, so you need to tap everything to find it. BORING!!! Click on the well, and you get a picture of the bottom of the well's wall saying there's a brick missing. Dumb. I REALLY dislike these. The climbing game was annoying, too. I'm not even sure it deserves two stars. And why do we have to find and put "rooms" in the doll house? Very peculiar. I think the developers were looking to design something new. They did, but it's very odd and not for me. Update: even worse than I remembered! They could be giving this away, and I wouldn’t waste the space on my iPad!

Duplicate version without customer reviews? Hmm

I'm just curious but this game was originally released about a month ago and I know had a 4 star rating...why is it this "sales version" is missing all customer reviews and what is different about this game that it will not allow those that have already purchased the game to unlock? I'm seeing this more & more...what are you up too BF?

Never tales shattered image

I give this no stars if I can, because after I pay for something I DO NOT want to be inundated with your freakin ads!

Shattered Images - Shatters Ratings!!

Never tales has done it again & every one gets better & better! This game has absolutely everything you could ask for, awesome graphics, varied hidden objects & puzzles, great storyline, maps, hints, named inventory, everything you want in a game!! I would buy any Nevertales game without a trial even & I can not say that about many if any others. Highly recommend!

Shattered images

I am not sure how I feel about this game yet, but like it a bit so far.

What Gives?

This is not a new game. No reviews and certainly shows no update that bugs were fixed. This looks like trickery. Not sure what to think. Should not be putting release date as today as if this were a new game. KdBoots

Never lands
Picky patty

Game is very fun. Not to hard or easy

Nevertales Shattered Images

Enjoyed this game! No glitches! Storyline was good, graphics good, puzzles and HO scenes aplenty.