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Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. This Netflix mobile application delivers the best experience anywhere, anytime.
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How does Netflix work?
• Netflix membership gives you access to unlimited TV shows and movies for one low monthly price.
• With the Netflix app you can instantly watch as many TV episodes & movies as you want, as often as you want, anytime you want.
• You can Browse a growing selection of thousands of titles, and new episodes that are added regularly.
• Search for titles and watch immediately on your phone or on an ever expanding list of supported devices.
• Rate your favorite shows and movies and tell us what you like so Netflix can help suggest the best titles for you.

Note: Video out is supported on all generations of iPad, iPhone 4 and later generations and iPod (4th generation) and later generations.

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Latest update will not support iPhone 6

The apps latest update will not support iPhone 6 users phones. Very disappointed in apps like these that don’t backward support working iPhone 6, especially during a pandemic! Money is being saved for primary essentials and now you’re hiking the price of your service for an app that can’t be updated! Nothing left to be done except to cancel my account because I can’t use it once it stops working.

Bring back Split View

Please bring back Split View support. It was the best way to simultask. My rating will be higher when that returns

??User experience getting worse
p. picasso

Why take away swipe? No one wants to use that close x. Information architecture and Nav could use help. Why waste nav item on laughs? Why keep rearranging the rows? Continue watching should always be first. Stop guessing and listen to users.

Play next episode

What happened to play next episode? It stopped working even with it enabled!

Tired of y’all

Theres no reason for netflix to be so expensive y’all don’t even have good shows. Do better ?

Amazing but…

There are more bugs. Please scout for them.plz

Very buggy app!

The Netflix app has a persistent, show-stopping bug that breaks the integration of user's Netflix watch history with the "Up Next" area in the Apple’s TV app. Netflix customer support has repeatedly reassured me that their development team is “hard at work on this issue” and “very focused on fixing this bug”, yet after >1 year of this concerted effort, the bug persists. Importantly, the bug is 100% reproducible, which makes this inexplicable lack of progress completely perplexing. Of note, the developers of EVERY other major video app (e.g., Hulu, Prime Video, HBO, Disney+) have competently implemented this feature. Why is the Netflix team uniquely incapable of implementing this basic feature?

Por qué no esta naruto en español

Por qué no esta naruto en español latino deberían hacerlo pague por verlo y me aparecen con que solo está en Japón y inglés

Great a few minor bugs

Sometimes when I try to use other apps netflix stops playing instead of reforming into a smaller screen. You guys should add a comment option for your content for your mobile users, it would be fun

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