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Neonatal Farm Adventures:Puzzle games for children

Mommy's pregnant and she is about to bring a new family member soon! Well more sooner than expected as you're about to find out as you play this fun newborn baby game for kids!
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Today we will start the game by helping our family grab their most important things from the house in a fun object finding game for 3 year old children, this activity is very simple, intuitive and the kids surely won't have any problem finding all the toys and other objects and dragging them to the corresponding place.
After finding all the missing objects, you might want to check out the car first, as you'll find out, it might not be ready for the road, so as in any other car washing game, you must use all the washing tools and soaps in order to get this car to look nice and tidy, you might even have to put your baby engineering to the challenge as you might have to fix the car and get it's engine to start. Our pregnant Mommy isn't in her best mood so you better act fast!
Getting the car fixed and clean surely will be a job that not only girls but also boys will love doing, and even more as this family lives at the farm you'll find also other activities that needs to be done before we can get our mommy to the Hospital. First you'll have to leave our doggy to the neighbors, who probably will be happy to play a fun pet caring game, and get our cute puppy to feel great, clean him of any flees or insects he might have and even dress our doggy in some beautiful stylish puppy clothes. Also before you totally leave the farm you might also want to take a ride at the pony barn where you can enjoy some time playing with this fantastic pony!
Playing, taking care and the pony bathing will surely be something kids will enjoy, this pony loves being spoiled and gladly for you, you can play with him as much as you want and you can even dress him up after you take some time to clean him from all the mud and other dirt he might picked up while playing in the barn.
Giving birth is not something easy, and it is something which burns a lot of calories, so after all this done and in order to get our mummy ready for the next to come you might want to visit the local restaurant, where you're invited to play a fun cooking game for children in which you can prepare her a tasty and a rich vitamin juice to refresh her, or even get her a delicious hamburger! Don't forget about dessert, remember that she enjoys Doughnuts!
Visit the local pharmacy for a quick test, be a doctor for a day and check the beating of our unborn baby little heart, check our mommy's tension and also don't forget to give her some vitamins and other medicine she can get to get her ready for the big moment!
Finally the last and the most important part of the day, if your are ready to be the new baby Hospital's Doctor, than this is the level you'll enjoy playing, give our mummy the treatment she needs to get ready, check if the baby is ready using ultrasound, and then finally help her push and give birth to her baby!
A beautiful farm adventure game for kids of 3 or 5 years old in which they can have a lot of fun with about 7 kind of activities and fun levels!


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