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Neon Drive - '80s style arcade is paid iOS app published by Fraoula d.o.o.

Great development


Just finished the final chapter, very nice game. Great how the levels develop and how the game keeps surprising you. Also loved the little Blade Runner homages.

Great Game, but you need to update it!


OMG this game is awesome. Love the music; love the obstacles; love the graphics! But it says it hasn't been updated for over a year! C'mon! I love this game so I hope you update it soon 😁👏👏👍👍

Good asf


Very addicting

O melhor jogo da AppStore


Viciante, bem feito, trilha sonora impecável...

Love Free Run

Jaiden J.

I've played all 7 (now 8) levels nonstop and was shocked when I realized that Level 7 came out over a year ago. While a little easy the new mode is a lot of fun to play and a nice breath of fresh air from the regular mode. While I have not played level 8 yet, I am very excited to and I'm sure it won't disappoint!

Great long time install!

gods friend

I've been playing this game off and in since it was released. I love the tricky yet hypnotic game play. Each level is unique and challenging. Not having to keep spending money to enjoy the game is such a huge plus. The game has never been glitchy or problematic. I love the eighties inspired synth music so much. And the blade runner inspired level is a great homage to a classic movie masterpiece. I will for certain continue to play.



Please make a level 9! In fact don't stop there, but keep making more levels! We don't want this game to die out! This is definitely the best arcade game for ios.👍🏽

The 80's Nostalgia Is Real


This game is so hard and it took me almost a year to finish but only 47 hours in. At first I thought this game was going to be your average racing car game, but it was way more. The soundtrack is great, the levels are amazing and creative. ((Spoilers)) You turn into a transformer. Buy this game.

Perfect 80's retro


Play this! Download it now! (Update from over a year ago) This is still the best game on my phone!!!! I absolutely love this game. I've had this game on my phone since around day 1 a couple years ago. I've currently finished the 8th stage! Super fulfilling game. Love the aesthetics especially. So main issues is that the game is supposed to be tied to the rhythm of the music which it is, for the most part. The sections where there is traffic or asteroids you have to dodge make it harder to see the rhythm, also I still prefer classic version to level one, but that is a small nit pick. This game used to be very difficult where you used to have to get through all of the level in one shot. They've added different modes now that don't make it nearly as frustrating but also made it much easier, but in a good way! I also love that you only have to pay for the game once! None of these mobile micro transactions you see all the time! Also I wanted to extend my appreciation that it doesn't have the usual mobile cash grabbing tactics that so many other apps have! I can't wait to see where the develop take this in the future. I've also since bought it on steam for pc. Thanks again for such an awesome, amazing, perfect game/experience!!!

Dopest game ever


Amazing music, love the graphics, it changes throughout but with just enough familiarity to keep it consistent.