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Neon Drive - '80s style arcade is paid iOS app published by Fraoula d.o.o.

Absolutely amazing!


Just get it.

Cool game


Worth $5 or whatever

I love this game

Your mom 57

I downloaded this game a couple years ago and haven't deleted it since. This game is very hard but when you beat a level you've been stuck on there's no greater feeling

Terrific with a few issues

Zackie mick kraky

Last level has you flying and shooting side scrolling. The balls explode and cause a slight frame skip issue which delays your shot, causing you to eventually hit an object. Looks like there is no checkpoint on this level either so good luck.

Would be great, but...


For a game built on split-second timing, it’s cool how it keeps the difficulty high by varying the response time of your car at random. Sometimes it’s instant, other times there’s a slight delay - and there’s not predicting when either will happen. It really keeps you on your toes! “Optimized for iPhone X, ruined for iPhone 7”

Ok Worth it


I was hesitant to pay this much for an app, but I have to admit this is a fun (& challenging) game. Love the music!

Love the vibes!

Jesse Slayter

I love everything about this game! It has a Tron vibe to it, with some really cool music! 10/10



Soooo coooll

Jaw droppingly good


I beat it and it was amazing

Cool, but hard...


Learned about this game on Beyond Synth podcast, discussing the soundtrack and over-all aesthetics, so I had to look into it. It is a beautiful, retro-gaming experience, and I love the music, etc. However, the difficulty curve basically doesn't exist. It has no buildup, and it leaves me setting it aside sooner than I ought to. It just needs a bit more runway. I feel like I'm on a boss level right off the bat. I suspect there is a lot more, but I cannot comment on what I can't play well enough to see. That said, I'm grateful for any game that's pay up front and not riddled with IAP resulting in a pay-more-to-win killjoy ruining the majority of games today. That truly is a retro game rarity these days, sadly. Thank you.