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Neon Drive - '80s style arcade is paid iOS app published by Fraoula d.o.o.



It is a Fun retro racing game Download it

My favorite


The best game on my phone.

Love it but..


Love it, but wish there were like 20 more levels.. still give it 5 stars

A Pre-Nostalgia Comeback!!!!

Kool K.

It’s an inspirational but tech noir game with a lot of thriller music that has me obsessed about it everyday and everytime. Thanks!

Love it!!


Great game!!



This is seriously one of the most beautiful games I’ve played. The music and the graphics are so smooth and 80’s-style its great. I love the design.

It’s a good game


It’s a great game, the musics great, the graphics are great, and the overall style of the game is great; but the only bad thing is insensitive switching lanes is. You’ll be in one lane and need to switch really quickly so you tap to switch and it doesn’t move that fast. Also sometimes it doesn’t even move and you start back at the checkpoint. But if that gets fuxed that would make the game a show lot better

Definitely worth playing


Great game. Music and graphics evocative of 80s films and videos. Addictive game play that changes frequently. Only complaint might be the inconsistent difficulty and the later levels feel much shorter than the earlier ones.

Great game


Awesome game, Awesome soundtrack, Love the 80’s style and physics.

You will curse at this game


Good game, however.