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Neon Drive - '80s style arcade is paid iOS app published by Fraoula d.o.o.



I have played this game for hours non stop!!!!

Wonderful Retro Look - Challenging Gameplay

Upper west

It’s a real shame this game doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Awesome 80s retro look with excellent gameplay. I highly recommend.

best free runner by far...


IMO this is the best game that has been downloaded on my iphone. It's simply the most artistically beautiful, accurate 80's nostalgia you can get. Also the outstanding soundtrack will transmit you even further into the codec highway of rhythm and vision.

Greatest Game Ever

The Real B. Obama

This game has it all. Amazing colorful graphics, the colors are very rich and saturated, music is very good and makes you want to rock to the beat. The gameplay is addicting, fun, but very challenging, includes 8 different levels and environments that are challenging, and different modes. It’s only $3.99 and the best part it’s the 80’s!!!!!!!

An Amazing Thrill Ride


From dodging obstacles, to moving past enemy attacks all base on rhythm and the beat. If you like the 80’s and are into a game that will test you and push your mind to the limit, this is the game for you! Definitely a 5 star rating!!!

What the hecc

Wow great job idiots

Why is it that the second label when everything gets orange that you make all of the colors the same??? I can’t tell the difference between the colors so it’s almost impossible to beat it.

Off beat or so glitch

Tobi turbocharged

On the final level when your shooting the energy balls it eventually gets very close and the car won’t shoot in time Why?

Best 80’s style game!


If you’re nostalgic for anything 80’s style, this game is dripping with it. Aside of the cool retro graphics, this is a well made driving game that’ll test your reflexes. This is really good for keeping your mind sharp.

Simple, elegant.

Pk Traceur

The music is amazing, it’s always challenging. Perfect for a zen like escape.


wdw is lit

bruh this game sexy and fun