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Neon Drive - '80s style arcade

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Games $3.99 Fraoula d.o.o. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Neon Drive is a slick retro-futuristic obstacle-dodging game that will make your brain melt. You've been warned.

From beautiful cityscapes and ocean roads to exploding enemy spaceships, Neon Drive has it all. It's inspired by the arcade games of the 80's, but set against a futuristic backdrop of glowing cyber-grid, all in silky-smooth retina graphics. Neon Drive brings you 7 amazing levels, adding up to hours of enjoyment. Each level features multiple twists and perspective changes, keeping you on your toes (err, wheels) throughout the gameplay.

Neon Drive will put your mad dodging skills to a real test, mercilessly pushing the limits of your reaction time and short-term memory to avoid obstacles and dead-ends. Seriously, this game is wicked; just when you think you've got the hang of it, it turns the table on you.

Each level of the game comes with a custom-made retro music track, perfectly tuned and in sync with the roadblocks and your enemies. This allows you to just tap the beat, unplug, and zen out. Watch the landscape seamlessly morph from one scene to the next, in a ballet of colors and shapes, and let your inner driver take the wheel. You've got this.

* 7 levels, hundreds of obstacles, and infinite challenge
* Breathtakingly beautiful and silky-smooth retina graphics
* Custom-made retro synth music, perfectly in sync with the obstacles
* Super addictive (Neon Drivers Anonymous support group available upon request ;-))
* Includes exploding enemy spaceships, seriously!
* If you can finish all 7 levels, we hereby certify you have superhuman abilities!



One of the best games I’ve ever played on mobile

Beautiful and enjoyable! I do have a suggestion, though.

I love this game to bits! Each level’s unique aesthetic perfectly enhances the experience. The music is beautiful and is perfectly timed with the car’s movements. Each level feels very fulfilling to complete. Anyone who enjoys “Thumper” or “Geometry Dash” will love this game. However, I believe that it would be very helpful if the practice and free run modes could be played in the different speeds, as they would help more for faster speeds. This is only a suggestion and not a reason not to buy this game. At $4 this is a steal. Keep up the great work, developers!

An 80's nostalgic treat for the eyes and ears.

I wasn't even alive in the 80's but I feel that I can be familiar with this game on so many ''levels'';)


The quality of gimmicks in each level decreases as the game progresses. But the car segments are good. Great visuals but the music all sounds too generic, but there is a few good tracks in this. A big issue is the controls, for some sections of the game it just doesn’t work very well (final level especially) over all it has some good things going for it but there are some glaring issues with how the levels use their gimmicks.

It’s the best game ever

It is so good

Very fun with coin op flair

This game reminds me so much of the skilled games of the early 80s. Very fun and addictive. Great music.

Awesome Sauce
T. Masters

This game is amazing and challenging from the start.

Great rhythm fun.
Roke Frostburn

While there is not a ton of songs, each one is a call bach to something from the 80’s. The game is a lot of fun if you like rhythm games. The 80’s inspired look is neat and all the call backs are a nice touch. If you like rhythm like games and 80’s themes, give it a try! You’ll be glad you did.

Perfect and chanllenging

I had these since 2015, thanks for the update, it’s alot easier now

My favorite mobile game

I love this game I’ve had it since there were only 5 lvls I love the music the visuals and the difficulty it is hard but it feels so good when you finally beat the lvl this is a great game and I hope it gets more lvls or another game