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Neighbor Strange Secret Story

You are in the building where many mysteries have happened; alot of people have been attacked in this house of scary town. You need to be careful and you cannot trust anyone in this ultimate super crazy real scary world. This is the extreme situation considering that all of the sudden the crime and many strange things are happening in the gangster building. You need to be extra careful. Suspicious activities are going on in the building. Keep an eye on everyone including your neighbors and people around you in the building. Stay alert and know those people who are involved in criminal activities. This is a fully mystery based game with a lot of dangers or deadly missions, weapons and escape from death.
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You are new in the building and you do't know anything about it's people and in that you got a suspicious dangerous killer neighbor, who is absolutely scary. You need to be extra alert of his activities because he is up-to something evil, keep an eye on him if he makes any crime then catch him. There has been news that his wife died, you think that he murder his wife. You need to solve that case and you have to find out that if he has killed his wife or not. Beside the killer you will also notice alot of strange things in this building. There is a rumor that this building is hunted and some people thinks that there is ghosts in the building it's someone who are doing this to scare people while some thinks that there are ghosts in the building so you need to find out the truth. It's a mystery building and you need to solve every mystery.

Features : Neighbor Strange Secret Mission!
- Amazing Graphics and Stunning Animations
- Awesome Game-Play
- Easy On-Screen Controls
- Interesting activities!
- Amazing Sounds!
- Direction map and Hints!
- Addictive Game Story!


Runt fkr

I love this game

Secret I have
cresleyhk gaming

Best game ever bro

Super amazing

I only had to sit through 3 30 second unskippable ads until I could play but other than that nice game(sarcasm)

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