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Nail Salon VIP – Fashion Beauty Manicure Designs

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And it’s yours! Each day most famous celebrities are coming to your VIP salon to get new nail designs! Everybody knows that celebrities are trendsetters and that all the fashionistas look up to them when it comes to new trends in nail art! So do your best to keep your VIP customers satisfied and don’t miss appointments, remember they are DIVAS!


* Five celebrities come to your nail salon each day do get their nails done! Keep them happy!
* Every day each of your celebrity customers has one appointment and you have to wait 24 hours until you get to make new design on her nails!
* Try to create the same nail design as the one in the picture to attract more celebrity customers!
* Most popular singers and other famous celebrities are your customers! Keep in mind they need a special treatment, after all they’re fashion divas!
* 75 exclusive nail designs available!
* Lots of nail stickers, nail accessories, rhinestones, flower designs, dots, stripes and other nail designing tools!


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