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MyTalkTools is an award-winning app that enables over 100,000+ people with communication difficulties to express their needs and desires to those around them. A good solution for people with down syndrome, cerebral palsy, hearing or visual impairments, autism or other diagnoses that impair communication ability. It supports users, teachers, therapists, caregivers and parents with many innovative features.
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Complete Solution

MyTalk Mobile is a complete stand-alone solution. No other software is required. But, we include a 30 day trial of MyTalk Workspace. Together, they represent a major breakthrough in augmentative alternative communications (AAC) by making it easy to customize how you communicate through a variety of images, video and audio files including human voice. The only solution that simultaneously supports browser, Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

Quick Start

In 5 minutes, you can download standard content, and customize it for your needs, to communicate in a way that YOU choose. MyTalk offers ease of use and time-savings in a portable, effective, and cool communication tool. Take the iTunes University Course, to see how simple it is.

Keep your work safe

Don’t worry about losing your device. All information is backed up on MyTalk Workspace. Every version you create is kept. Don’t worry about experimenting. You can always back up to almost any point in time with undo/redo or restore.

Community Sharing & Resources

Create and participate in family and professional communities by creating and sharing libraries of boards, cells, or other media with others. Get pre-programmed boards from our public submissions library. Using our paid app - MyTalkTools Mobile - you can share PDFs, or on-line working previews with parents, family members, or teachers through email or texts, and have you have access to 20,000+ Symbolstix images.


Works without internet access. Using our paid version - MyTalkTolls Mobile - you have many scanning features to customize to the user’s specific needs. Works directly with many popular switches and can be programmed to support most BT switches. Additional features for visual impairment and other physical limitations including auditory scanning and fine motor adjustments. Print hard copy for use without access to a device.

Language Generation

Keep core words in standard locations through our repeat function. Grammar support with word variants. Use Fitzgerald or Goosen encoding to categorize words. Use phrase bar to generate complete phrases. Use popup lists to customize variant selections or select simple choices. Popup keyboards for users to add custom words and phrases. Popup Recents, Most-Used or Predicted word lists for quick access to relevant choices.


A free text-to-speech voice is included. Our paid app MyTalkTools Mobile, allows you to purchase in-app over 100 different voices.


Photographs, videos and recorded audio are supported. Use videos to enable modeling. Download photos and images from your device, the web, or community libraries.

Innovative Author Features

Authoring is limited to small sample boards in this free version. But you can experiment with variable cell sizes, drag-and-drop arrangement, copy or link pages, user logging with geo-context to provide continuous refinement. Search MyTalkTools content using apple global search. Integrate with apps – like Pandora, FaceTime or others. Multiple authors can support a single page using our patented sync technology to merge all changes. Many, many user interface customization options.

MyTalk LLC is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: all
Categories: Early Learning, Special Needs, Parents


Thank you very much for creating this FREE version
Geek SLP

I know that you guys have been Pioneers on creating apps for individuals with disabilities. As a Speech therapist I have to recognize the importance of giving a "voice" to those who struggle with communication at a affable price. You guys are definitely revolutionizing this field by providing affordable access to AAC. Way to go!

Just made me want to buy

The free version is a very nice tryout for the paid app. It allowed me to know for sure that this is the app we want.

The One!
ipad Robot

It's easy, fun, and works well. After using serveral low to high tech AAC's, this is the one! Works like magic, just sync to update programmed content! A cakewalk! We are so very happy this app came into our lives!

Teachers of students with severe cognitive disabilities need this one

I have used MyTalkTools in my classroom for two years. My colleagues have noticed how much more their students interact with curriculum content both on an independent level and a supported level. They have worked at getting iPads and this app into their classroom too. Do go through all the detailed training because this is a very powerful tool and can do a lot without investing a bit of time to understand it you can miss parts that may be very useful. With all the push to evaluate teachers on student achievement MyTalkTools can be a wonderful tool to help with communication and assessment of any curriculum if a student doesn't already have a communication device or alternate mode of communication. Try it out with Apple TV mirroring on your LCD projector for the whole class to follow along.

Love this app

Bick Pratt and his team of professionals have given one of my students a VOICE! Today I used the Lite version with my non verbal student. Just to see his face light up when he pressed his picture that said his name was priceless! Am anxious to see what else he can tell me with his "new voice"! Thanks for developing an easy to use app. You have designed it perfectly. One can see how many hours you have put into developing it. I like how I can add my voice and own pictures from my photos. The symbolix and public library are also a plus.I also like how the tutorials guide you through the process. My Talk Tools ROCK!

Love this app

I recommend this app to all parents with non verbal children.

Good app/not so good instructions
Tyger 500

I installed this app on my granddaughter's iPad. She is six and non verbal. Once I experimented with the app I found it was very easy to set up. The instructions were no help at all and when I tried to use the trial board website I was redirected to a form for my personal information. Once I saw I was unable to use the trial unless I provided my information I logged off and used the mobile app only.

Revolutionizes my classroom

I cannot say enough good things about this app. It has opened doors in the communication realm for my students with significant disabilities. It not only gives my students a voice they didn't have before, but engages them in learning. This app is easy to use and has countless customization options. Customer service is amazing. Any issue I've ever had has been swiftly resolved by their wonderful staff.

My Talk Tools Lite

I am a speech therapist using this app with my adult patients and I have found it an excellent tool to serve as an assistive communication device or as visual support for verbal communication. It is easy to set up and edit and makes use of your own photos, internet searches or icons and recorded speech or text-to-speech. I have found it easy to teach to family members and patients themselves. The technical support is excellent and my questions have been answered quickly and helpfully. I have used the workspace to set up boards for my patients which has been extremely useful.

A MUST!!!!!

Amazing program! I am an AT Specialist and this program is amazing. It can obviously be used as a communication tool, but can also be customized for anything, including choice boards, IEP goals, schedules, and anything else you can imagine. The customer service for this app is also second to none. I have asked questions and the response is lightning quick. They are patient and kind when responding. And the fact that the program uses the cloud to back up the data is so much easier and well thought out than using another program that uses Dropbox. You simply put in your user name and password and your data is there. I cannot recommend this highly enough for those who work with special Ed students or those with disabilities. Also in my opinion the workspace is totally worth the money. It makes it so much easier to program the students devices using workspace. Once again this is amazing product and I highly recommend it.

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