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My Weekly Budget® (MyWB) can help you keep more money in your pocket. Save money with this real-time budgeting app! It is SIMPLE - but powerful, MyWB is the easiest way to keep track of your spending and take control of your personal budget! MyWB allows you focus on a budget target for the current week and helps you focus on your day to day spending. Tracking your spending on MyWB and using it daily is all you need to stay within your spending budget, allowing you to save money over time! It is easy to use, incredibly straight forward! This app helped many people save money!
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How to use My Weekly Budget® (MyWB) :
1. Select the day of the week you would like as your start day
2. Set yourself a budget target for the week
3. Enter your spending with a uniquely simple, straight forward interface
4. Instantly see your spending compared to your budget

Additional MyWB features include:
• Snapshot of how much of your budget you have used
• Ability to review your spending patterns - find out where your money is going!
• Ability to export your spending information from MyWB to other applications on your computer or via email
• View full History of your spending, sortable by date, price, alphabetically, or even group similar items together

At the end of each period, a brief summary is presented showing how well (or badly?!) you have done against your spending target. Any money not spent may be carried over to the next period, so you can reward yourself with higher spending or choose to save it for a rainy day! Any money you received (birthday presents, cash-back on a pair of shoes you returned etc.) may also be added to your current period's spending plan if you choose.

This personal finance app is easy to use and easy to understand, and yet allows you to customize features to match your budgeting needs.

MyWB is flexible and can be customized to fit your personal spending habits:
• Create your own spending categories
• Supports all international currencies
• Select your preferred date format
• Create a list of your Favorite Categories
• Add/Delete and Search your Categories

My Weekly Budget® (MyWB) can help anyone save money, including:
+ Anyone living on a budget
+ Anyone looking to save money
+ Teens
+ College Students
+ Professionals
+ Couples
+ Seniors

My Weekly Budget® (MyWB) is the easiest way to keep track of your spending and take control of your personal budget!


The best app to micro budget

It’s like having an allowance for when you're older. I personally use it for my non-bill related transactions. Things like coffee, meals, gas, and day to day expenses. The single best feature is that you can set the starting date for your budget each week. Not everyone wants to start on a Sunday or a Monday. I start mine on Friday so that know if is did a good job and stayed under budget all week, I can spend a little more on the weekend. If not, then try harder next week. The interface for adding entries is fast, simple, only needs two items of info. The amount and any category. I created a few custom categories that are generic enough to cover most interactions or you can use it to get very detailed.

My Weekly Budget, from Mr. Very Pleased
Sergeant Pat

I’m very pleased with M.W.B. It’s a no-brainer, straight forward app without unnecessary rhetoric. It’s simple to set up and presents me with an immediate view of my balance. Just in case my phone explodes, I do keep my checkbook alive. However, I have depended on My Weekly Budget app to the fullest.

Simply the best!

Easy to use and it helped me keep track of my weekly expenses.

Love it

I've always had trouble keeping track of what I spend, not anymore! So easy to whip out my phone and enter a purchase. Love that it subtracts for you! It's awesome

Scam! Terrible app. Buyer beware.

downloaded the weekly budget but really needed the monthly budget. After spending money to upgrade, I can’t even get the “budget +” to open. I’m sure I got scammed. Can’t believe Apple would allow such an app in the App Store.

Does the trick

Super simple, keeps me on track each week. Not intimidating or complicated to use.

Just what I needed

I tend to use shopping for therapy or boredom, etc and my monthly budget wasn’t solving my overspending problem. It was too easy to spend all of my flexible money in the first week and then what do you do? You still have to eat! So I found this app and broke down my flexible spending budget into a weekly limit. Each week I input all groceries, restaurant visits, and shopping money I use and it keeps me more or less in check. It rolls over any over or under spending from last week and you can change which day you want your week to start. I chose Saturday because I typically spend money on the weekends and find it easier to not spend during the week. You CAN add items from previous weeks . You have to enter the item as if it was purchased the current week. Then you open it after it’s added and change the date. The only downside is that the rollover amount doesn’t automatically update. You have to do some quick subtraction to see what it should be and update accordingly. My monthly budget and credit card balance is loving this app. I HIGHLY recommend it.

The best

Use it every day


This is an ok app. It's low quality and its not worth paying for. I decided after using it, I would rather have a monthly budget to pay bills and so on. However, to do that, you have to spend even more money on an upgraded version of the app. Surprising a budget app is trying to rip you off.

Simple, and easy.

This is exactly what I've been looking for. It helps me maintain my monthly budget. You'd be surprise how much money you spend in a week.

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