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My Puppy Dog: Animal Adventure

Train your puppy to be the fastest and more agile dog in race full of obstacles!
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It is important that puppies and dogs go out for exercise every day or they may become frustrate. It is even more important when you are training your puppy for an agility competition.
Your puppy dog is learning the basic command skills: Teach him slowly and patiently and keep races interesting!

-> Choose a sweet puppy to train with for this race
-> Enjoy your run time with your puppy dog. Make the races fun and don’t get impatient
-> Play with him in a race full of obstacles
-> Get confident with your dog: That what will make a difference in agility competitions
-> The more you practice, the better you will run in this funny game
-> Try to be the fastest in this puppies games
-> Easy mobile controls in this animal races
-> This obstacle course racing games are appropriate for children and adults who love dogs
-> This amazing game is ompatible with every mobile device

Enjoy the experience of training a dog in this addictive game!
Have fun!

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Cute but...
Pua the pig

It’s cute! But the dog keeps whining and the dog dies plus there’s waaay to many ads

SB's Mom

I have had this game for only 2 days 2 days!!!!!!!but I love it I really like it really fun! The only thing is if you hit a car or something like that the dog dies!! But besides that I love the game the dogs are adorable and I love playing the game it's challenging and fun but I love it!😍😍😍😍😍😊


It’s a good game but can’t really enjoy playing the game with all these ads there are way to meany please fix it or give the option to pay for ad free or something so that ppl can play with out bunches of ads

One problem

It’s an amazingly cute game but there are way too many ADS

I love it!
❀️ Ashley ❀️

I love it! I played it last month, and I still do. It has very cute puppies!!!!

To many ads

The game is fun there are just to many ads and it’s really annoying

It so cool

I love the game so much. It is great for sitting around game and good for vacation ( I'm on spring break) it is so much fun I play daly


This game is so great! The graphics are really outstanding. A must-have game for those who LOVES puppies as much as I do.

Smth odd...

I downloaded this app for my little son as he is really fond of dogs. As for me the game is a little odd because this type is more suitable for cars or motorcycles. But my son likes it a lot, he says its funny and teaches him how to train a dog in case one day he will make me buy it in real life.