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My Puppy Dog: Animal Adventure

Train your puppy to be the fastest and more agile dog in race full of obstacles!
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It is important that puppies and dogs go out for exercise every day or they may become frustrate. It is even more important when you are training your puppy for an agility competition.
Your puppy dog is learning the basic command skills: Teach him slowly and patiently and keep races interesting!

-> Choose a sweet puppy to train with for this race
-> Enjoy your run time with your puppy dog. Make the races fun and don’t get impatient
-> Play with him in a race full of obstacles
-> Get confident with your dog: That what will make a difference in agility competitions
-> The more you practice, the better you will run in this funny game
-> Try to be the fastest in this puppies games
-> Easy mobile controls in this animal races
-> This obstacle course racing games are appropriate for children and adults who love dogs
-> This amazing game is ompatible with every mobile device

Enjoy the experience of training a dog in this addictive game!
Have fun!

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This 🎮 is awesome!

One thing i agree with is how 😢 the 🐕 dies. There’s only one problem I have: my missions only SUBTRACT my coins not TO BE A REWARD, please fix this and I will edit this. Thanks! Your PuppyPal, Danny 10 yrs old

Ads ads and more ads

Pretty irritating


Ok this game is really fun (it is basically subway surfers) but I like it a lot because I like that kind of game and it’s with puppies people by the way there all the reviews say the puppy dies the puppy does not DIE he/she hits there head just like passes out (which is sad but it’s not dead) the only reason this is four instead of five is because half the characters cost like 1.99 real money

Not that bad

I love this game but..........I hate ads.Im a ad hater and it not going well for me.I have a conclusion.You can stop the ads. No hate though.


I can not get this game to load. I deleted this game the first day I got it. It is a real waste of time I say.

Good game, but……

So when I bought this game I thought it was a puppy simulator. But when I joined, I saw it was a racing sorta thing where you run and try not to hit things. So I played it and I wished that there were other dogs at least. Please also fix the ADDs or if you don’t change the fact that there are ADDs, please shorten the time of the ADD to 5seconds or maybe 10secs. Somewhere between 1-10. FOR THE PEOPLE ABOUT TO BUY THIS GAME: Okay so if your about to buy this game you should know it’s not what you think it is. So read this next part to tell what the game is really about. PART 2. So this game is about racing and trying not to get hit. You try to train your puppy. You buy boosts and you get to chose when to use the boost. There is a lot of obstacles in this game. Thank you for reading I will put in a EDIT

The dogs are cute, but sad, when they die...

I like the game, don’t get me wrong, but it so sad when the dog dies. I am 11, going on 12, but this is such a sad sight to see. Please change this. I like...LOVE dogs! This is so sad. My sister is 9 and I really hope she never sees this. In real life or in this game. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change this. Thank you for this game though, it is really fun, but I don’t worry about the ads because I can just turn on airplane mode. That goes for everyone else too. You can do this. Just turn it back on when you would like to do something else on your device. Thank you everyone. Enjoy the rest of your day. Bye Felicias! Sincerely, DaBestGirlEver

Good but sad

Fun game, has cute puppies and dogs. But is sad the puppies die when you crash. 🙁🙁🙁 dont get this game if you are under 11 or 12

Cute but...
Pua the pig

It’s cute! But the dog keeps whining and the dog dies plus there’s waaay to many ads

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