My H-E-B Reviews

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My H-E-B is free iOS app published by H-E-B, LP

Not the best


Glitches often. Sometimes when it glitches, it will delete my entire cart. Can’t pull up pick up times for the store at times. It also freezes and glitches. It seems like it gets worse everytime I update the app.

Payment method Error!!!


It’s impossible to add a payment method, there is an error and have been days likes this... Fix it ASAP you are losing sales, at least mine!

Unnecessary extra clicks


Why can’t I delete this stupid wish list??? I just redownloaded this app onto an additional device, and it’s a million times more frustrating! want ONE shopping list so I can add items at different quantities easily and quickly from the search results without picking an item...choosing a shopping list...confirming that I want to add it...dismissing the annoying ‘added’ banner that sits at the top of the page forever...then x-ing out of the product...then going to the shopping list to change the quantity... It’s an endless maze of never-ending extra taps to do what worked so efficiently before. For some ridiculous reason every time I click between shopping and my checkout list, it also just adds a page on top of the old one, rather than jumping back and forth, which I didn’t realize until I tapped out of one page, and found my entire activity history stacked in pages one on top of the other. About ready to delete this whole app and set my other device to never update. Or just go to Kroger.



The app won't allow me to add a credit card, it simply gives error messages when I try. And yes, I've triple checked each field is filled out correctly.

Coupons work when ever they want to


When ever coupons work it’s an amazing app, when they don’t it makes it feel like false advertisement

Great app


App works good. Ordering was easy. can you all have a live gps tracker of when then driver is near my home ? Kinda like Uber when u are being transported and shows on the map where u are going or going to be picked up. And the fast shipping delivery app is not good. Modify this one and get it to try fast shipping through you all. Kinda like Walmart. I had ordered and within 1 hr i had my order. Here I ordered at 5:45p and was only left to have delivery until 10p no

Update your aisles

not stupid just not a techie

Looked for an item but app had the aisle incorrect so I wasted so much time searching. 🤦‍♀️. Get it right and I’ll change my rating

Good app, but constantly doesn’t load


I was glad to download the app, because I was hoping it’d make it much easier to shop. But after using it for the first time, it would have problems loading anything I searched for (5x). I kept having to go to my regular browser window to add the items I wanted to my cart. Hopefully it gets fixed.

iPad version would be nice


So, I would absolutely LOVE to use this app with my iPad and keyboard...except that it remains in portrait mode. So dumb. How hard is it to make an app that’s either portrait or landscape? Come on HEB, you’re better than that!