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My CenturyLink is free iOS app published by CenturyTel Service Group, LLC

Still showing my appointment is canceled


The app doesn’t show anything not even bills or manage my account! It’s still showing my appointment in August 4 was canceled! My account has been updated but can’t do anything on the app

Broken App


App literally doesn’t work and just takes you to safari to do anything. It was not a good or useful app when it worked and now I’m doesn’t even work. Terrible app to go with their terrible internet services. Wish I had another option in my apartment and not locked in with them.

Broken password reset, blocks login


It seems the auth flow has been updated (generally a good thing), but after blocking my login it took me to a reset password experience that never reset my password. Going on the website similarly told me to reset, but that immediately resulted in an e-mail. Pretty frustrating when you’re trying to debug internet not working and router restart not helping



Went without internet for a week. Then the day they were supposed to be here no call no show. I missed a full day of work waiting for no1 to show. Been having issues with the internet for months beforehand. They say reliable internet…. That’s a complete lie. Called to talk to a supervisor none available and was told 1 would contact me by end of day. Never did and I still haven’t heard from anyone that was 3 days ago. I do not recommend this company for anything.

By FAR, worst customer service experience


By far the worst customer service experience I have had. Twenty recorded phone calls and 7 of which I was hung up on(yes I counted and recorded said and even given a number to someone trying to sell me a (in my own words) “life-alert-like device for a senior citizen” when I was told the number given to me was them transferring me to “another department”. One of their “techinical support representatives” sent me to that number. Maybe should do some looking into their customer care?

Criminally deceitful


This company is the most blatant example of bait and switch tactics, flat out lying, and false promises I’ve ever encountered. Plan to NEVER do business with them again and will discourage anyone I come into contact with from doing so either

Not Too Good


It’s cheap substandard garbage and ran by incompetence at its finest

A little of base

Donna @ Peaceful Lane

Could have been more specific about online and app setup. Once I figured that out it was very easy.

No phone service


My internet keeps going in and out every other day. My phone hasn’t worked yet. I’ve reported it someone was suppose to email and they haven’t yet.



Customers should not have to pay a fee when using credit or debit card