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My CenturyLink is free iOS app published by CenturyTel Service Group, LLC

Poor Service

Bill B II

I’m a new customer and I can’t get a service tech to my house to fix a line problem. I’ve had 2 appointments scheduled and neither time did a tech show up. Get the run a round on the phone just to get you off the phone. Looking for a new provider.

Century link. Most unreliable internet available.


The worst product, and service and unfortunately we don’t have an alternative

Some flickering lights, but no Management, Leadership

TinTin in the Desert

It took me several days, wasting or consuming 5 to 6 hours every day on the phone or using the online “chat“ service to finally convince someone at Centurylink set my router had a faulty Wi-Fi component. I took another week of daily phone calls, wait times, and sometimes the customer support or tech-support simply disconnect the line as soon as it connects, but I finally found a friendly individual named Patrick in Guatemala who agreed to send me a new router plush modem Wi-Fi. What they sent me was the exact same modem that I had purchased from them six years ago. So I spent another two days trying to reach anybody with a high school education and can speak English and know anything about routers but that was a waste of time. I finally got through the chat function got some assistance or information on how to program the router myself, but I am incapable of doing that myself, not being a tech person or a coder. So again I wasted another three hours on a chat that was of no value. So I will have to keep trying to flag down random telephone repairmen, or COX internet installers, to persuade them to do some moon-lighting for CenturyLink. I don’t think I’m alone here in Phoenix because I have flagged down several Centurylink tech installers on the street, or when I see them parked near a coffee shop or a restaurant, and paid them $100 or more on the side to come over and look at my router or help me configure it. This month, they tell me they’re too busy and they could get into a lot of trouble if they’re caught. If being a customer of CenturyLink is like walking through a human cess pool with no shoes, imagine what it must be like working in a clown factory that has no visible, traceable executive management: no acting chairman or president, and most corporate officers in rehab. If this were India Telecom circa 1952, one can forgive this crumbling, aging and diseased beast.

Garbage- absolute garbage


Avoid company if you can- crap service, very poor speed, just had all around.! I can’t wait for them to be put out of business.

Internet always down

lily noetzelman

The internet is either always going in and out or going off for 2-3 days at a time. Since I first started the service. The cable guy who set me up did not put in a line like he was supposed to and when I asked he just basically ignored me. Which I wound up having to have him come back out and actually put in a line and where I originally asked him to put it. Then it still wasn’t working so it turned out too be the modem. Which worked but now like I explained above I have just had nothing but issues.

Cannot login to my account via this app


Been unable to login to my account to use the app for several weeks now. Continue to get technical difficulty errors. Had hopes CenturyLink had improved since some bad experiences several years ago, but going on 4th day of Internet being down.

Hate you!!


Never had your service but got billed. So basically you stole $11.67 from me and my family.

Connected devices


Apparently, pausing a device with this app does nothing (according to the modem’s webpage)

Disappointed in Service


I have been a customer since CenturyLink came to my neighborhood in the 1990s. We had wonderful service. Now the service is terrible. The cables and connections have become old and don’t work much of the time. My understanding is that they are not replacing the cables. I’m getting ready to switch to another provider!!



Internet is up and down many times a day. I may have to go back to Comcast/xfinity which I despise.