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The My CenturyLink app lets you manage your CenturyLink account on the go!
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Productivity Free CenturyTel Service Group, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Install your new CenturyLink modem
• View and pay your bill with convenience and ease
• Check your services, upgrade your Internet speed (if available in your area)
• Manage all your settings
• Visit Support to troubleshoot or optimize your service through self-help tools and videos
• Get personalized alerts, so you can see the status of your order, or find out if there is an interruption to your Internet service
• Plus, so much more

SimplePay is new and is now supported in this app. Sign In and manage your account today!

By using CenturyLink’s App, you agree to CenturyLink’s use of third-party analytics and monitoring software to record system and user actions within our App. We use this data to detect and resolve issues and to ensure that the App is functioning as designed within the user experience. Aggregated, anonymous statistical information and data that is not identifiable to any person or entity could be used by the third party for auditing, research and analysis purposes to operate and improve the system subject to contractual limits.

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Bad company

Worst service ever, no help, no support

Pause/resume internet access disappears

The app has a great feature, where you can pause devices access to the internet. I love it when it’s there, but for some reason, the feature disappears and I am unable to pause access and sometimes more importantly un-pause access. When to feature disappears, I’ve tried to close the app and restart and even uninstall, with no success. Then magically, fees hours to a day later, the feature reappears.

Horrible to navigate

This app is so confusing and takes you in circles. Nothing resolved and where’s the phone number to call for assistance!!!!


This ISP seems like a good one so far!


App is always slow & logging in takes forever. Needs a better login or atleast an option for quick-sign / stay signed in.

Worst Service Ever
Minneapolis Taye

I live in a building where there is no other network available, and have to use them. After losing my credit card, waiting on a new one, my bill lapsed by 6 days. This was enough to suspend my service. Once suspended, the only way to restore services is by making a payment…. But, since I haven’t received the new card, I cannot pay. If you have a choice, don’t choose this provider. Slow network, bad customer service, inaccurate speeds, and terrible company policies.

Poor Tech Support

Doesn’t work, haven’t been able to contact them due to poor hour availability.

Bundled Billing

By bundling billing with Direct TV it was/is a hassle since I’ve cancelled it and you paid Direct TV. The service with Direct TV has been cancelled. Awaiting refund from Direct TV but,there should be NO future Billings.


No place in app to see devices or change password or see speed like instructions tell u

Not sure if I done this right

Can you please let me know

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