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It's Stella's first day at college! It would have been be perfect, if she had not bumped into the person she least expected to see - her ex-boyfriend Jacob. Stella and Jacob had a very bad breakup 2 years ago. Now they ended up in the same class again, which turned into a super awkward situation. ""I wish our relationship had ended in peace."" Thought Stella.
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The next morning, Stella found herself went back in time! She woke up to the day when the bad breakup scene happened 2 years ago! How would she survive this bad day again? Would things turn out in a different way? What would you do if you were in Stella's shoes? Choose your story and see where it takes you. But be careful with your choices, or you may stuck in the time loop forever!

> Help Stella make important decisions at each crucial point of the story.
> Stella needs to get dressed in her old school uniform again, prepare her for a dreadful day ahead.
> Oh no, going through all this a second time hurts so much! Dry Stella's tears and help her get back on her feet again!
> Will Stella be able to fix everything and go back to her present life? It's up to you.

How to play
> Choose for Stella the options she had.
> Drag and swipe to use tools.
> Swipe to apply makeup.
> Tab to select decorations and colors.
> Drag to change clothes and put on accessories.
> Drag to complete puzzles.

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Wow great game

Wow this is a great game wow 😯 I liked the cheraters and stuff and the drama wow 😁 maybe could you make the next game full of drama and let it be full of surprises here are the cheraters the main cherater should be named liza and nerdy girl who has not feelings and no Emotions and she gets bullied by lots of kids in school because she’s diffrent and she should not know many English and should be really good with numbers and math but one day a boy comes and bumps into her and he carefully catches her and dips her and he helps her up he must say are you ok I didn’t mean to and the guys name should be yutta a strong Japanese boy that is muscular he should be very serious and should act cool and tough always but when Liza starts to earn his trust and they become friends he starts opening up to her about what he likes and don’t likes but he gets really shy when he ses something you should of not said the next cherater should be a boy from Germany that is new at the school he should love manga and anime and must really love art he is not afraid to show who he is and he is very cute and energetic and his name should be jack the next xherater should me a guy from France he will be very romantic and will always be annoying he will be a womanizer and this should all be who is telling the truth game only one will tell the truth about there feelings and the others are just useing you please add that to the next game

I like it

It’s a beautiful game I really like it 😍😍😍❀️

I love you

I love you


I put on all notifications and it does not have sound

My opinion
Joanna lucero

This app is kind of a reminder of what may happen in the future.This is just a fun little love and breakup app it is nothing seriousπŸ˜‹πŸ˜


This app was a good game but I wish they was more to the story but other than that I loved it!!!

My breakup story

I love this game It's so fun I like how i get to read and make designs

Awesome but please put more levels!!

I absolutely luv this game!!! It’s awesome! But I think she should go through more drama perhaps? Besides that it’s awesome!

My breakup story.

Please put another episode. This was so incredible. That I got into it.