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The witch has struck again! Come and discover the new adventures of Plume and her friends with Plume's School: Learning Multiplication tables !
App users must solve multiplication problems to avoid her pitfalls.

A reward system keeps kids engaged by allowing them to collect stars throughout the app's challenges and redeem them to unlock new cars and characters. In addition, each milestone reached (25 stars gathered, 10 games won, etc.), results in the user earning a corresponding trophy.
Plume's School: Learning Multiplication table allows for several user accounts at once, making it ideal for use in a classroom setting. It also allows the teacher or parent to skip levels depending on each user's abilities or to change the order of the learning of the tables.. Progress reporting for each user is under development.

The app is available in both English and French, but since it is not text-heavy, it is accessible to all children regardless of language. The app also includes an option to change the font to one that is designed for dyslexic children.

This app is built by a team of professionals and will help your child prepare for success in school while having fun. The app is not intended to be a replacement for the teacher, but it does provide a wonderful complement to the solid foundation provided by school, and is meant to parallel a child's school work. This Plume's School opus is designed for children aged 8-10 (corresponding to a grade 3).

This Plume’s School app contains no in-app purchases, no advertising or data collection and no unprotected external links.


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