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Music Player & MP3 Manager for Dropbox is free iOS app published by Nguyen Nam Giang

I'm confused?!


Where's the unlimited part?? It crashes every time I try to download a song and I only have 6 songs!?why????!!!!!this is ridiculous!

Like it.


I like the amount of music available and it is free to download. I wish there was a update that would stop the crashes.

great, HOWEVER!


this app only makes 11 songs available to you and if you try to download more than 11, it crashes. i found out the reason why, its because theres an upgraded version of it for 1.99$ that makes it an unlimited downloader, other than that it's perfect. i just wish the app maker would make this ACTUALLY "free" ??



It was working really well until I tapped to download more songs & it keeps taking off -.- I like it b/c you don't need wifi to listen to the music but it keeps on crashing you guys need to fix this -.- .-.

Little storage

A Critic near you.

The app would be brilliant if only they had an update that wold allow you to download more songs. Especially considering it's called "unlimit music."

testing 123


Downloading to see if I can illegally download one directions album Four which U should all buy!!!

I love this app

Anita Schott

This has every single song I've ever searched for and it's very easy to discover new music and downloads are fast and I love it

Music Video


I love this app but there is only one thing you need to add.You need to add music videos to the songs.


Li Do

bad bad bad bad



Really good app