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Musi - Simple Music Streaming is free iOS app published by Musi Inc.


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This is my #1 used music app it always in the lil suggestion thingy but yea this app is great I highly recommend it I’ve changed phones and was able to backup my music now I have over 300 or sum tracks yea definitely use this


sky nina

I love the app I’m rate it a 2 stars only because you can’t use the app and listen to your music at all unless you have WiFi. You can’t use it off WiFi

Very good


Very good I really like its cool when Ian going a trip I listen to musiiiii very good



This is my favorite app to listen to music on. I don’t have any complaints at all except sometimes on my phone the music will just stop. Rarely though. I love this app

The best Ever!


The best, the best , the best!

Great app I love it!!


Very easy to use, you can find everything on here. Love it!!

Kann nie einfacher als Musi sein


Diese App ist genau wie YouTube. Hier kann man alle Lieder suchen & spielen. Aber es funktioniert wie ein mp3. Bravo!

This app is amazing but...

Cupcake 200

The app is great and I love that you can listen to any song you one. The only problem I have is that you can listen to music offline, which makes me sad 😔. If you could figure out a way to make it so you can listen offline, that would be great! 😁 Thx!

My review about it

ماين كرافت احل لعب في العالم

It’s very easy and good but please make the music works without internet connection!!! I need this option

My baby

Safe Socks

I found this app at the end of 4th grade while I was looking for free music apps, I downloaded many but this app was the best. I’ve gone through (so far) 4 music phases with this app; it’s seen some dark ages. All the way from 5SOS, to Green Day and Avenge Sevenfold, to MCR and TØP, and most recently, Musicals and 90’s rock/heavy bands. Since 4th grade, I’ve been a loyal user. I’m going into 8th grade now. This app has a few problems, such as occasionally it’ll shut off if I get out of the app, but that’s really easy to fix. My main problem is that some songs just stop working, but I’m pretty sure that’s just because they got deleted so that’s not technically this apps fault. I’m sure if I didn’t have the connection and sentimental value within this app my rating would be four stars, but I couldn’t do that to my sweet child. I’ve tried Spotify, Pandora, and all those and this is so much better. I mean, unlimited skips, ads that DO NOT interrupt the music, and if you prefer, you can add covers of songs and music videos which is so cool. Without the personal connection, 4.5 stars.