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The Mobile Phone Seizure Guide (MPS Guide) is a must have app for law enforcement professionals and anyone wanting to know the proper steps to seize a cell phone.
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The application walks the user step-by-step through the collection of cell phone evidence so no important information is overlooked. It is a great addition to any LEO's toolkit for field seizures!

This app will guide you through everything you need to know about seizing cell phones when involved in a criminal investigation.

Learn what the cops know. There is a detailed guide that reminds the user of best practices for seizing mobile phones and the unique steps recommended to preserve volatile data on these devices.

This app is not only designed as a reference guide, but also a productivity app. It will help you manage and log any of your seized cell phones and create a simple portal for sharing your activity with partner agencies, co-workers or others.

For those experienced personnel, we know search warrants can often be chaotic with an abundant number of things to remember. This application reminds the user of everything to ask a suspect and details to record when seizing a cellular phone. You'll find easy access to check lists and how-to guides along with making use of the iPhone camera to record screen shots of the suspects phone and screen displays.


BK Forensics

Excellent app for first responding officers. Could really help in delivering better evidence to the lab. I've been involved in forensics a long time and this app reminded me of small things I have overlooked.

MPS Guide

This app is an excellent tool for all law enforcement personnel who regularly seize cell phones for evidence. The guide is comprehensive in "best practices" for most situations. It is very helpful in managing several phones simultaneously. It is intuitive to use-helping complicated incidents become simpler. Sgt. Loretta Robinson


This app is great!!!! The first responder and crime scene investigator will find it extremely useful for documenting phones they collect in the field. The reporting and communication features are excellent. The BK Forensics seizure guide is a great resource. The app organizes the guide so that you can find information on suggested seizure techniques very quickly.

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