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Movies Box is free iOS app published by Rounding Squares BV

Don’t download


It’s only ads and not the actual movie

I don’t trust it


I’m just being honest I don’t honestly trust I won’t get a virus on this so 😤

Not Worth It


I saw this, pre-ordered it and ended up not getting what I was hoping for. You have to pay for “VIP” in order to watch the movies and it get “special features”



I thought this app was going to be like ShowBox where you can watch movies but instead, it is just like other apps where it just tell you about the movie. I’m so stupid not to look at the pictures correctly.

Worst app ever

baddie girl

I can’t even watch the goldfinch or stranger things on here and plus I haven’t have stranger things for 2 hours and I need to see Finn wolfhard




People need to read


Dec 12, 2019 I’m giving this 5 stars because there are so many 1 stars that are given for bad reasons. People give 1 star because they can’t read. First things it says, This is an app to see what is out there. It’s for watching trailers. That’s it’s very first thing that it says and it does that pretty well. I would rate it as a 4 though. It has room to grow.

Delete app


App no good ripoff will still your money!

It’s great


It’s great

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