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Moonlight-Video Editor By InstaSize

InstaSize Video is the easiest and quickest way to post entire videos on Social media without cropping. 

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Easily import videos from your albums or take a video directly on Instasize. Click the import, select the video that you want and BAM! your video is Instasized and ready to share.


The first video editing app for social media that allows you to loop! InstaSize Video will automatically loop videos under 5 seconds for 15 seconds.


By selecting the filters icon, you can easily add awesome filters to your videos. With 10 filters (and much more to come) you will have one the best videos on any social media. 


Shipped with 50 backgrounds, this feature, combined with filters, allows you to create creative and beautiful videos.


Tired of seeing ads? Go ahead and upgrade to the ad-free version, found in the settings. We promise to remove the ads after you purchase.


After you are done creating your masterpiece, just click the Share button on the menu. Here you will be able to share and save to your camera roll and many more!


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Download InstaSize Video today and experience the best Instagram video companion app on the iPhone!


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Dose not work

I tried to get it to work millions of times and it just won’t work


No issues whatsoever.

Worst update ever

Just ruined everything good they had about insta size. Very disappointed in this app, I want the old one back!! #ifitaintbrokedontfixit

Bring back the old way. This is horrible.

We were using this app in our class of about 60 people and one day it just completely became useless. I was showing an entire school of people and Library how to edit videos using it and how cool it was and the next day, it literally was ripped to pieces and nobody can use it the same anymore. I used to love this app because of the things it could do, and I'm not sure why someone woke up and decided to ruin its functionality, but it's horrendous and it isn't helping the users of the app at all. You had a literal perfect setup and you just did what Foursquare did and ruined the usability of the app and stripped it of some important features. I'm not wrong.

Simply awful

InstaSize obviously took a page out of the Facebook playbook when they decided to spin off its video editing capabilities into a separate app. However, Moonlight actually removes most of the functionality that made editing videos in InstaSize useful to begin with. As many have noted previously, it's now not possible to add text or custom borders to an image. Worst of all, Moonlight offsets videos when saving to an Instagram-ready square format with white (only) border: for some reason, the video is cropped on the top and side and is not longer centered on the white background. I wish I hadn't updated from the previous version of the app, and will be looking for a substitute.

Highly Disappointed & Annoyed.
Dirah Nyree "nd"

It's hard enough trying to find a good app to fit pictures and videos already! I thought Instasize was the one... Guess not😒! The main reason I had Instasize was so I can fit my VIDEOS and PICTURES to INSTAGRAM! This app doesn't do that for the videos and I think Instasize should go back to having it in one app instead of two!! The app was just fine before it was changed. 🙄😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠 All offense intended.🙄

need different borders

everyone's asking for it so please do it.

Horrible Update
Diamond Winks

After the update, the app is not user friendly and you can no longer put text over a video. This was my go to App for social media posting, but now I have to find something else. 😩


This is honestly horrid. I want to be able to change the color of the borders for my video. This is much more complex and just unnecessary. I think you you be able to edit videos and border them on the actual instasize again instead of having a sucky app that doesn't get the job done

Terrible app

It keeps the video square it doesn't "instasize" it. So most of the video is still cut out. Terrible app.