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Free, fully animated stickers from the award-winning game, Monument Valley!
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This sticker pack contains 6 fully animated stickers featuring your favourite characters from Monument Valley, including Princess Ida and the Totem!

Already have Monument Valley on your device? Update to the latest version to receive this sticker pack, plus 5 more stickers available exclusively to players!



Hello i like this app very much since I downloaded the real game i lost it and it wont let me download it for free even tho its a waste of money i still wish that the game was free so people that are on a budget ( like me) could buy the game

B-E-A-UTIFUL Stickers

The sticker are amazing. Found them when my friend was playing the game and I was like “what’s That?” She said it’s “Monument Valley!”. So looked it up on the App Store and the stickers came up, AND they were FREE!! To bad the actual game isn’t free.😔😥


Has anyone figured out how to delete the app yet? Please share feedback much appreciated.

Not as promised
Second Chance?

I already have both Monument Valley games on my phone. But up to date, but I didn’t get the 5 bonus stickers they claim you get for already being a player. (I have an iPhone 8)

Plz do this

Can u pls make monument come with the game for free

Help me!

I have an iPhone 6s Plus, and I can't seem to find the stickers.. I have tried looking in the emoji tab and even typing in words, and I can't find the stickers.

It says it's installed

I have a 6s plus as well, can't find it any where on my phone.


The stickers are great! Reminds me of the game! I hope there are more in the future!😋

....I have a 6 S Plus. Where are the stickers?

Like several others I too am unable to find the stickers even though it says they've been installed.

I have a 6s

I have the same problem; they're taking up space but i can't find them.

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