Monsters Lab - Freaky Running Reviews

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Monsters Lab - Freaky Running is free iOS app published by SayGames LTD

Love it but…

iu u

I love this game but whenever I pick a skin it picks a different one so please fix this:)

This game is okay


I like this game a lot but anytime I click on a character I want to play as it makes me play as a different monster please fix that

Please fix this

seb 330

Whatever skin I pick it doesn’t pick the one I want and I really wanna change my skins please fix this πŸ™‚πŸ‘



Keep up the good work

Super cool!


So it was my first time playing it and I get siren head and we Get cool skins download it now (:

This game is trolling me


When ever I leave the game it change’s my skin and I hate that




This game is awesome


I really love this game and it is really fun I love how at the start my skins are random this game is so much fun if you are bored please download the game:)