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Monsterland. Fairy Tales

The story of the great struggle of Sleeping Parent Vs. Energetic Child! Click away as few mean monster blocks as possible to reunite a playful Junior and his tired dad Senior for high scores and star ratings. The adorable music and a squealing son will put a smile on your face, guaranteed!
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Games Free Oleksandr Mykhailov iPhone, iPad, iPod


Papa Wayne 57

Very addictive puzzler.


Very fun puzzle game! There's a lot of content to go through and is one of the premiere games for children out on the market right now.

Love Monster Tales

The atmosphere of the game is really awesome. The music and the graphics fit the game really well and my younger siblings love playing this game.

Really cool!

This game will get your kids thinking a lot! I introduced this to my son and he has been playing it for hours and hours. I really recommend it to parents and kids.

Fun and challenging

Not only is this a fun game to play, but a challenging game to play too. The learning curve is quite difficult but the game is fun after you learn to play.

Fun for everyone

Even as an adult, this game is still a lot of fun to play. There are 30 unique levels that you can play that are each challenging and innovative in their own way. Recommended!

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