Monster Village Farm Reviews

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Monster Village Farm is free iOS app published by Nanobit d.o.o.



Battle feature doesn’t work

A ok game

boss zoomer

The gam is asome but there’s one problem there’s no mon jems not Jemez but gold then it will be my favorite game


Adam bomb 815

I used to play this game a long while ago, I still love it

Battle Does Not Work. And no instructions


Would be a good game if battle worked

Fun but rough


The game has a unique and fun style but I just keep looking at how much everything costs in-game and how hard it is to get coins in the start. Overall though it's a good game if your just looking to play in short intervals.

Amazing game and a few new things to suggest in the new updat

Daniel Wes Moore

Hi I'm Daniel a kid who enjoys the game a lot it is amazing but here are the suggestions 1.a new monster a devil dog 2. Something called a pet list you can get them by battling with all zombies of any sort and they give you a bonus like a zomdog witch is a zombie dog with 10% more coins from monster houses and a demo dog a demogorgon dog and others 3. Adding a new monster a demogorgon and a skelotron a cyborg skeleton with a plasma beam can be unlocked on level 100

Good game!


Son and I are playing it and enjoying it so far. Haven't needed to buy anything yet, so happy!



Amazing game!

Just started playing


Good so far

The best game


I like this game a lot I think it's better than haveing any other fighting games I think it's the best of all . I mean I play this more than any other games I have like if I play villagers I make them die just to play thisb I think it's an awsome and creative game.