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A long long time ago, monsters dominated the world.
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Soon, a new threat arrived. With the rise of evil humans, the era of monsters was shattered.

Crystals responsible for monsters resurrection were stolen and hidden in all parts of kingdom to ensure their extinction.
Two young Necromancers discovered the ancient book containing instructions which could bring monsters back to life.

And so the hunt for crystals begins...



Battle feature doesn’t work

A ok game
boss zoomer

The gam is asome but there’s one problem there’s no mon jems not Jemez but gold then it will be my favorite game

Adam bomb 815

I used to play this game a long while ago, I still love it

Battle Does Not Work. And no instructions

Would be a good game if battle worked

Fun but rough

The game has a unique and fun style but I just keep looking at how much everything costs in-game and how hard it is to get coins in the start. Overall though it's a good game if your just looking to play in short intervals.

Amazing game and a few new things to suggest in the new updat
Daniel Wes Moore

Hi I'm Daniel a kid who enjoys the game a lot it is amazing but here are the suggestions 1.a new monster a devil dog 2. Something called a pet list you can get them by battling with all zombies of any sort and they give you a bonus like a zomdog witch is a zombie dog with 10% more coins from monster houses and a demo dog a demogorgon dog and others 3. Adding a new monster a demogorgon and a skelotron a cyborg skeleton with a plasma beam can be unlocked on level 100

Good game!

Son and I are playing it and enjoying it so far. Haven't needed to buy anything yet, so happy!


Amazing game!

Just started playing

Good so far

The best game

I like this game a lot I think it's better than haveing any other fighting games I think it's the best of all . I mean I play this more than any other games I have like if I play villagers I make them die just to play thisb I think it's an awsome and creative game.