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MoneyFellows is free iOS app published by Moneyfellows Limited



Very nice & useful App

Wasn’t able to use it

Primo Vito

It wouldn’t let me get passed the phone number confirmation page. Entered my phone number in several different ways but it never let me click the next button.

Unable to use


I'm waiting the verification code for more than 4 hours and i got nothing


Abdelrahman M.Essam

Great idea, easy to use and simple


fatema selim

the app is very professional and easy to use, great management and professional customer care

Lots of bugs and i can’t use it

Ahmed Shaaban

the app is unusable!! when i click to choose the salary, i can’t click on anything else after

The greatest app for gam3ia


Thank you for your support and easy to use Application , keep going fellows .

تجربة جيدة

m g h m

دخلت جمعية معاهم و قبضت بسهولة من غير المشاكل بتاعت الجمعيات اللى كنت بقابلها و بصراحة لقيتهم ناس محترمين جداً و بيردو على كل الأسئلة شكرا ليكو و يا ريت تكملو بنفس الجودة



تطبيق محترم وفكره ذكيه جدا و مضمون عن تجربه