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MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers is free iOS app published by Eureka Studios Limited

Hairstyle shop tab


Its very good and funny but I have a problem previously there were a lot of hair styles in shop tab on face edit but today I could not find them Would you please help me how to re find them?

works great- we did one and spent two hours making more

Unknown 365

Once you figure out how to tweak your photo to sort of look like you- it does take some mixing and matching to try to get close- the app saves your face and you can put it in so many different cartoon scenes. they even have scenes with more than one person in it and switchig faces is just a matter of pulling up the faces you've made and tapppng on the one you want. you can even insert your face is animated emoticons which are pretty funny. i liked the app so much i bought three paid packs to support the app. take it from me, don't start trying to figure this out at work. it will keep you distracted for sometime.

Not good anymore


What happened to the accessories?? I can’t choose a hat no more , different types of hairs or to be bald :( I used to like this app



This app is very funny, but. this app has something damaged ... because you will have it that does not work, something must be happening with the servers. please help


Lorie Richardson

Love this app, so artistic and fun, five stars for this app.

U used to be the best app ever!πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­


U took away all the hair style choices! Now we get to choose from 4? And they aren't even close! Not to mention, we should be able to change hair to go with pony tails with school girl outfit etc. I know u have them, I've been a member forever! I can't seem to purchase any either...I click the store symbol and nothing happens!

Home maker

Little cuddle Bear

Please make it possible for us to watch a video so that we can collect our own cartoon images I am taking away water marks so that it best of bows us to share our own cartoon with our friends thank you very much for creating this app that I do so enjoy sincerely app user Patty

What happened


I love this app however you don’t have no hairstyles anymore can’t form eyebrows or anything I’ve super upset with this I’ve been using this for years switching phones and no features there at least give us option to purchase things like more hairstyles now my people look not even close. Please fix or let me know how to fix ill change my rating



Awesome aps. I love it!!!!! Its different. Thank you.

Used to be a 5 star app


I love this app but I ordered merchandise and the app says it arrived but it didn’t and I’m having a hard time getting a response from customer service. The money was deducted but the merchandise did not come

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