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With over 300 Million downloads, MomentCam turns you into funny cartoons.

MomentCam gives you the power to express your emotions by creating funny cartoons and emoticons.

Select a picture of yourself or your friend and let MomentCam run its magic by turning it into a stylish cartoon. Add some funny features such as beards, hats, glasses and select a background to create a Momie! Simply share it with your friends across various platforms and enjoy the smiles!

With a database containing thousands of backgrounds which are updated daily and are created for every occasion, region, cultural and pop reference, MomentCam will keep you wanting to come back for more.

MomentCam also allows you to create your own personalized emoticons, with funny gestures such as simleys, winks, to express yourself in the funniest way possible.

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►TURN yourself into hilarious cartoons and animated emoticons.
►COLOR CARICATURES! Express your colorful emotions and situations in special color caricatures.
►TEXT BUBBLES! Add some quotes and jokes to make your caricatures funnier.
►SHARE your caricatures and animated emoticons on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WeChat.
►EXPLORE a whole world of options to create a completely personalized cartoon of yourself.
►FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: You can now change the facial expressions of your cartoon in the Face Edit tab to show surprise, sorrow, romance, and many more!
►SURPRISE your friends by creating personalized caricatures of them and sharing it with your group of friends and family.
►JOIN a community of millions around the world who love a good dose of humor using MomentCam.
►ENGAGE in activities to win prizes by sharing your creations with the whole world.

- ‘…this app is among the best cam apps we have ever tried and we highly recommend it.’
- ‘…a colossal app that lets you create comic like cartoon pictures of you, your friends and anything around you.’
- ‘…thanks to MC I have been creating new hilarious pictures almost every day to share with my friends. Creativity is the limit!’
Philip S., user

We are always trying to improve MomentCam and are happy to listen to your opinion.
For feedback, contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at


No Customer Service help whatsoever!!

No way to contact MomentCam about my account and after spending lots of money on packs I can no longer log in with no help from them whatsoever!!

Super buggy

I’m so glad I found this app again, but I found it a lot more buggy than before. It keeps saying there’s no internet connection when I actually do, but other than that everything else works great. But I hope you fix this problem!


Esta aplicación la eh tenido por muchos años, y ahora no eh podido hacer nada no me permite hacer ningún cambio ni usarla , para todo lo que quiero hacer me dice que no tengo señal, que lastima era muy buena buscare otras opciones casualmente es la única aplicación que dice que no hay borre y volví a instalar y ya no salen las imágenes a color

Amazing app

I love this app I used it everyday ! It is one of the app that has a first place on my phone 📱🤗I loved it!!!

So Much Fun

I have had so much fun with this and while it is not necessary you are able to buy merchandise with your caricature on it. I bought several Christmas gifts and just received the first blanket. It’s soooo soft and adorable.


Hace 7 meses que no la puedo actualizar


There are problems with the APP. It has not been updated for a month.

Please, help me, I no cant enter to my account

I I Lou I loveloveI love this application, I am a nurse and it is a way to her for more than two years. it saddens me, I've lost two accounts, now I have a problem that does not let me in, I have several friends who have the same problem, please help us, I do not want to lose my account or the application, I do not this application, I am a nurse and it is a way to relax and her for more than two ye it saddens me, I've lost two accounts, now I have a problem that does not let me in, I have several friends who have the same problem, please help us, I do not want to

Love this app

Amazed at how easy and fun it is to use. Love it. Highly recommend.


Just please more options in hair