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Mixrt - transform photos into beautiful geometric art

Geometric art is like a hurricane of colours, patterns and shapes. So pleasant to watch and both relaxing and addictive. What if there was an app that made it easy, accessible and even more fun?
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Photo & Video Free Bartlomiej Niemtur iPhone, iPad, iPod

Enter Mixrt, the app that lets you create geometric art on your phone. With Mixrt you can:

- Pick any image or take a picture right now
- Apply unique Geometric Filters
- Edit their properties and see results in real-time
- Play with lots of settings and try out different filter arrangements
- Finally publish your image and get likes from other users
- Of course you can browse artworks of others and give likes too

It’s fun to share pictures online, but what about privacy? Mixrt makes this issue disappear since geometric filters significantly obscure objects in the image. It’s time to stop worrying and start showing your art to the entire world.

Mixrt is also unique because of how it works: its powerful Geometric Filters transform any image in real time. This way when you edit parameters of a filter you will instantly see how shapes bend and form new patterns, how colours transition from one to another and how the photo turns into something entirely different yet familiar.

Additionally you can use multiple filters at once and change their preferences or order at any time. Of course the app still lets you preview any changes as they happen.

Moreover, the app’s filters have rich history behind them and Mixrt lets you explore that too. Each filter features a few words of description that help you understand it and use it better. The app’s filters include:

Timeless and universal effect, with a fresh twist of added shadow.

Converts your image to an intricate pattern of triangles. The colours in the pattern match shades of the original photo.

Draws a maze, its shape corresponds to the photo’s colours.

**Chromatic Aberration**
Distorts the image and adds a colour glitch in high contrast areas

Adds pixels of random colours, looks especially pretty when mixed with Geometric Filters.

More filters and information about them can be found right inside the app.

Try out Mixrt now. Take a selfie or a landscape photo and pixelate, convert to triangles, add noise, chromatic aberration, enhance colours or pick any of the other filters offered by the unique app!

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Do you have any feedback or remarks about Mixrt? Do you want to give Mixrt a like or would like to follow news about the app’s development? Check out these places:

- Forum: http://pulse.mixrt.com
- Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mixrtapp
- Twitter: http://twitter.com/mixrtapp
- Tumrbl: http://mixrtapp.tumblr.com
- Pinterest: htts://www.pinterest.com/mixrtapp


Too bad you can't locally

Really cool app. Too bad it forces you to upload to the online gallery. If you just want to save the image locally you still need to upload it first.

I'd love it, if it would work.
Haz the pup

As the title says, I can't get past the first screen. I've tried everything and none of them work. And I really want to use the app.

Can't connect to network

I've used this app constantly over the past year, but the latest update has made it impossible to connect. I love this app, and hope you sort this out asap

App doesn't even run

I usually don't believe in giving bad reviews for technical issues. But not only does the app refuse to run when started--it claims it can't run without a network connection, but the phone is connected--but the link for support is leads to a server error page. So it's a useless app that doesn't run and you can't get any help for it.

It doesn’t work on iPhone

And there’s no support. Vlad