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Minecraft is paid iOS app published by Mojang AB

0.14.3 ?

That Weird Gamer

When 0.14.0 came out, I was satisfied. This stupid update just had to come and give us more dumb glitches and bugs and when I was building something in a world and logged out, I couldn't go back in. I really hope the developers fix all these bugs in 0.15.0. I'm starting to not play this anymore. Fix it quick. TWO STUPID WORLDS THAT WERE IMPORTANT ARE GONE BECAUSE OF THIS UPDATE!!!!!!!! I'm not playing this anymore.

Good But....


I love minecraft but when I play on servers its 100% glitchy ?could you please fix that. And when I'm playing on bounty hunter I'm sometimes in water and when I try to get out I get stuck. And please please add horses saddles etc. I gave it a 5 star because you guys made it possible for everyone to play. Thank you and I hope you get this. -Mia

More more more


You should add more blocks like pistons and armer stands and the eye of ender



Please add pistons, command blocks, and some other things from the computer version? And could you add a way to insert downloaded worlds in files onto the game? Everything else is awesome

Add Tutorial Mode!!!


Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! And also we have enough skins. We need more blocks, items, mobs, and the end!!! And also the wither!

Could been better.....


Ok don't get me wrong but I love this app but the only problem is that it logs you out of the game and when u try to join back in the game just crashes plz fix this bug ??

More stuff will be added


Everyone, they're adding more items (horses, pistons, leads, etc) in the 15.0 update, which I think is pretty soon. Anyway, it's pretty fun as is. There's much to do, but kind of glitchy, but I'm sure Mojang knows about the glitches.

It's ok but....


It's a great game but when ever I ask my sister to join my world it can happen cause it doesn't show my name for a world or whatever u call it but I can join hers the other thing is that minecraft disconnects me when I play and everything in my inventory in GONE plz fix the bug thx :3

Amazing game but...


This is my favorite game but whenever I try to play on servers or regular survival multiplayer, it just says building terrain and never lets me load the world.

Read if u want


Good app but some glitches also why is the red stone in three parts?! That confused me a lot a suggestion add some custom heads Like in the PC Version I would use those in a appropriate manner like making maps villages and other things a minor glitch is when I tap quit to title it just shows a black screen with a d-pad text and pause and sneak button please fix in future that's why four stars I would do four and a half but you can't do that on the App Store :/