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Minecraft is paid iOS app published by Mojang AB

This Game Was My Childhood and More


I watch people play this game and i play it myself. Minecraft has had such an impact on my life. The game is so entertaining and my favorite game in the entire world. Having such a creative and friendly community in the Minecraft realm has helped me make so many friends. Minecraft has definitely changed the world.

Very much swaggy

Allison Guel

This game is so fun! And the best part is it doesn’t need WiFi. Very good


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y’all are so aggy when it comes to changing your password.

?? Answer???


When are we getting the 1.17 update and since are version is different from others platforms can we get sum good stuff all in all good game

Marketplace Packs


I’ve been playing the PE version for nearly 9 years and I absolutely love it. I’ve purchased around 100 marketplace packs and lately, non of them seem to be working. They’ll allow me to load the world, get in it, and then play for about a minute before something glitches and kicks me off of the app entirely. In normal circumstances, I would give Minecraft a five star review, but now, it gets three. If there is any way that the developers could look into this, that would be much appreciated. Thank you!

A great game


It is extremely fun and has been my favorite game for about 8 years now

I can’t play with my friends without it saying unable to connect to world


It’s always something first I can’t play without WiFi and when I go somewhere with WiFi I can’t even connect to my friends world and that was the whole reason I got the game

Doesn’t Work!!!


I try so much to play this game but it is constantly kicking me out, not loading worlds , and not letting me join realms and all this other stuff. So as much as I like this game it is becoming unplayable. And no it is not my WiFi because all my other apps that are just as big or even bigger work just fine.

good game


good game but really hard to find nether fortresses


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Never download this game it s a wast of time and money kick me out it is stupid!