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Minecraft is paid iOS app published by Mojang AB

Really GOOD, but...


I think you should add more dogs, because the wolves are getting old, honestly. Maybe some new species of animals, such as snakes. I don’t know if this will work but it’s getting annoying when new animals are added and you can’t tame them. So pls, I beg of you, change that. Anyway, that’s my opinion, Minecraft has always been my favorite, have a great day/night


richie.finn.mike on inst

I am OBSESSED with minecraft, but it would be more popular if their were more dogs, if they added hamsters, goats, deer or moose, it would be a lot more fun ❤️

My minecraft has a white screen!!!!


I love the game but now when I open the app it has a white screen FIX NOW!!



When me and my friend were playing Minecraft, we saw some random red torches... is hero brine actually real? Do you guys know him? Imma not play Minecraft until this problem get solved.... sorry I really wish I still could but I’m too much of a scaredy cat to go back... XD but developers, have a noice dayyyyyyy byeeee!

Please read this I’m really frustrated

super girl fjfglgg

I love Minecraft it’s my favorite game, but today I was going to go play with my sister and as i presses on the word I wanted to play it said”there was a problem loading this world” I thought that was because I bought that world so I tried playing one that I didn’t buy and the same thing keeps happening to all my world. I’m very disappointed and I hope you can fix this. I will wait to see what happened to my world tomorrow

Ladies and gentlemen


MCPE DL is the same as an app! Except it is a website instead!

Been playing since Lite version


I’ve been playing this game since the lite version. Tbh, I’m not disappointed. Each update that adds new things get me excited. It’s a really good game and it’s even better when it’s on the go. Keep up the good work and maybe fix the back button. It’s kinda broken.



I like it

Awesome Game!!!

The awesome unicorn185

This game is awesome!!! Just a couple of things: this game lags to much and can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (i am begging you) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (please) change it so that we don’t have to pay for a realm. That would make Minecraft ever more AWESOME!!

More animals plsss


I love Minecraft I wanted it ever since I first saw it(4 yrs old)and I loved it but I want more animals like elephants,flamingos,toucans,lizards,squirrels,hippos,monkeys,different dog breeds(huskies,beagles,golden retrievers,sheep dog,etc....) there would be more but I forgot T-T But anyway bye mojang I love ya bya!!!!!!!!:)