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Minecraft is paid iOS app published by Mojang AB

The best game ever you can’t change my mind


I don’t play minecraft on mobile anymore but I have gotten back into the game on Xbox which has better controls in my opinion even though I wish there was hardcore mode in not JUST Java edition but if you set your gamemode to hard and delete your world once you die I guess it is the same. The game has gotten more complex but in my opinion in a good way. With a lot more ways to thrive in your world or to save your self from death so that the game is a bit easier and can be fun to an even bigger audience. Nothing may EVER be better than this game and especially not fortnite because that game literally gives me constipation

Amazing Game


I also bought Java, AND IT IS AWESOME 🤩! I love this game, so I give it a five star! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ —-Here

Love the game but


This game is amazing and so creative but every time I hv to resign in after the account signin thing exspires I have to delete the game and reinstall it and I have really good worlds that I don’t want to get rid of if anyone has any advice please help

Missing a few things


I would appreciate it if you add a bit more stuff it is incredibly great but it could use a lot more new stuff that will give you lots more players for this game I would like it if you would add The WitherStorm in regular Minecraft that is not the only thing I want added I would appreciate it if you added the Nether Reacter Core and the Nether Reactor

Good game but...

not to bad its still fun

Ok so, I’d just like to point out that there is this what I believe is a bug/glitch where I cannot access the servers, my friends, or the market place and it is just no more fun because I cannot play online I mean cmon I paid for this game.

Why the caves and cliffs update not on my iPad when I updated my game


The caves and cliffs update is not on my iPad when I updated My iPad and I wish that each time I make a amazing building I would get 100 mine coins so I can get stuff when I dress up my Avatar in game.

One thing ;-;

Suki (not my real name)

Do I have to wait? My world just was loading the the loading bar disappeared;-;

Great game made epic by the better together update


This game was nowhere near as good when it was first released for pocket edition ( remember the nether reactor LOL) This game was still good but it wasn’t as feature rich but thanks to the unification brought by bedrock and the better together update this game has evolved so much and I hope you enjoy it too. This is not a game you will regret purchasing (as long as you have a game pad or a keyboard and mouse with dongle)

Honest feedback (PLEASE HELP)


There's a new bug that I and many others have encountered. Multiplayer setting will get forced off. You can restart the world, switch the "multiplayer" tab ON and open up the world. When you load in, multiplayer is disabled and you can't enable it in-game. Not matter how many times you turn multiplayer on, it won't fix the bug making it impossible to play on multiplayer mode.

Good but one thing is wrong

best gameever no adds

So I have played the game for six years and it won’t let me spawn any animals or anything so I just wanted you to know have a good day byeee