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Minecraft is paid iOS app published by Mojang AB

Update aquatic phase 3

The 1.13 bug

I Have Been Waiting For One More Mob. THE PHANTOM. I Can’t find the spawn egg and I can’t do the torch holder trick and I can’t place item frames on the ground Pleese make a quick little phase there for placing item frames on the ground Thanks Tiger Nite22 P.S That is My Minecraft user name!

Minecraft for ever!


I love Minecraft and I play it literally everyday, but I have an app for Add Ons but I can’t use them because I play on an iPad. If you guys made an app so I could use add ons on an iPad that would be so amazing. But please don’t make it expensive, I’m a kid so I can’t pay my parents have to. But my parents have to use their money that they worked really hard to get for my game and I don’t want them to have to do that, so please make it cheap but a good app, like maybe 1.99 or 2.99. Honestly Minecraft is a great game but it is kind of expensive for a game and there is also in-app purchases. You guys are still awesome.

I love Minecraft


It is the best game in the world AMAZING!!! Minecraft is awesome there’s so many texture packs !! u should play in all of them

Yasss Minecraft

ronelle hasse

This app is amazing love it

I love this game, but there’s just one thing..


So I got this version of Minecraft hoping that I’d be able to sign in with my Microsoft account and that all of my worlds/progress from another version (Nintendo Switch) would all be there, but it is not. There needs to be a way to sync all worlds from a different version of Minecraft across all of your devices using one Microsoft account. If this is changed, the game is pretty much perfect and I have no other concerns.

Bug fixes

Spartan Nation 32

Hi mojang I think u guys did a amazing job on Minecraft but every time I try and put a music disc in my jute box it dosent work I tried Turing up the music all the ways but it dosent work can u please fix that bug thanks.😄😄😄

Why do u need Xbox FOR EVERYTHING


Ok listen it’s not pretty when I’m mad so listen.....can u make it SO U DONT NEED XBOX FOR A FRIEND? Also I like this game...I’m not mad I’m upset ok!? IM I CLER!!!???

In the new update


I would love to have emerald tools and armor And I have a question are phantoms Gonna be added

I all the clothes of minecraft


You've seen the title but minecraft is the best game in the world I play it every day!!!!!!!!! For real



Pirate ships with a motor that drives