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Minecraft is paid iOS app published by Mojang AB

Minecraft is just the best


Ist is a very nice game



This is so creative thank you but pay a bit less to download

Fix your subscription

Dylan Clarke

I’ve tried buying a 10 player realm 2 different times now and both times it said “your purchase was successful, but we were unable to create your realm at this time” and it was never created.


my name is demon wolf

The game cost $7.00 but we pay for mine coins, you made ores spawn less, we can’t crawl on bedrock, and I can’t find any flint .W.T.H

Good I love it


I love Minecraft but if you take a hat and place it on a armor stand and take it in creative it makes two

I love mincraft


It’s soooooooo cool



Very good game :)

It’s good but


It’s good but I wish there was more commands like to kill yourself in creative mode or like I want both of chest or like a 25 seater boat or maybe even a 4 million seater boat or maybe cars or maybe oxygen blocks that take away oxygen whenever an entity gets close to it or I also want more blocks and I also want there to be mine cart with harnesses in bed rock addition to because I only have access to bed rock addition

? steam engine??

94 a

I like the idea of a steam engine like the furnace mine cart, like who is spending all their gold and red stone when they can get the same thing with some coal instead. It does have it’s glitches but I think this was a great feature, I do like this game but I like the idea of a steam engine

best game ever

1234 I like cupcakes

i love this game