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Introducing the new Milwaukee Journal Sentinel live iOS App. Now you can experience the news and information you want, everywhere you go.
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Powered by Wisconsin's largest, most prestigious news organization, the Journal Sentinel’s new iPad app has been designed to deliver breaking news and in-depth sports, business and entertainment news, all in a new way.

You’ll find spectacular photos, compelling video, and real time weather, your favorite comics and horoscopes - everything you expect from the Journal Sentinel, with just the swipe of your finger.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel smartphone and tablet apps give you the news and information you want, anywhere you go.

Powered by Wisconsin's largest newsroom, you’ll find in-depth reporting, breaking news, spectacular photos, compelling video - all with just the swipe of your finger.

With our flagship app, you'll get a full range of Journal Sentinel content designed to offer an outstanding mobile user experience, including:

- Breaking local, state, national, world news and alerts

- In-depth analysis and investigative reporting

- Coverage of local and national sports, including the Packers, Brewers, Bucks, Badgers, Golden Eagles, Panthers and high school sports

- Local and national arts and entertainment news, including music, arts and theater

- Award-winning food, dining, home, garden and lifestyle coverage

- Local and national business news

- Local and national opinions, editorials and letters to the editor

- Real-time traffic and weather updates

- Comics, puzzles, games, horoscopes and more​

Download the new Journal Sentinel iPad app now.


Box scores not viewable!!!

For months I have been unable to drill down to box scores on games. I have to go to other apps/websites to get that information. Very frustrating!

Packer news

Good source of packers news.


A great newspaper....

Not current news

How difficult is it to update the news on this app? MJS/Gannett could hire a local part time high school journalism student to select current articles from the paper and post on this app..heck even I could do it...good grief! There are articles in nearly every section that are months old. Not even worthy of 'fake news'. Just plain sad. You'll get more current news from standing in line at the grocery reading the tabloids.

Is anybody really there?

Customer support is VIRTUALLY Non existent, after I open an account, and PAY JS, they won’t let me merge, manage my account to view the E print edition. Did anyone down at JS OFFICE put any real thought into the development of the JS online app?

Box scores not viewable!!!

For months I have been unable to drill down to box scores on games. I have to go to other apps/websites to get that information. Very frustrating!

Can't open articles

Very frustrating! I'm a Sunday - Wednesday subscriber and when I go to jsonline the articles I tap on will not open. Already reloaded the app from the Apple Store and nothing improved.

Great content- awful clickbait ads

I love the writing - especially the sports - with JS. However a recent trend is getting so much worse - the click bait. At least you could allow those of us who pay for the unlimited content a break. Please please cut the ad content. Otherwise 5 stars

iOS purchased subscriptions killed

After an app update I’m logged out, and I am also unable to restore purchases. It just does nothing.

Needs commenting function

I don't like that the app doesn't allow for comments on stories like the web version does. But the app itself works fine and has a decent set of features once you get used to using it.