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Milk Delivery Van – Trailer Truck Driver

Milk Delivery Van is like pizza delivery games. If You are crazy about such kind of games; this is actually what you need. Who doesn’t need fresh and pure milk daily from the farm to their door step? Everyone I guess! This milk supply truck is here to fulfill your needs, having fresh milk straight from the dairy farm is possible in this milk transport truck simulator game.
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In this farm truck delivery game, fresh milk is bought from dairy farms on specific farm trucks to the big city, here now it’s your job to manage all the transportation of milk carefully from cargo truck to bottles, also collect them all in one delivery van to deliver them with a perfect truck driver, in this truck delivery simulator game.

There is a mini map on the screen which shows where milk supply is needed and the customer is waiting for delivery van, make sure the packaging would be done accurate by the delivery boy because you have to cross many rushy areas, so you may have to maintain the speed and show your best truck driver skills on these busy streets.

You are the in charge of this transportation delivery duty, take your milk supply truck on roads and delivery all these milk bottles on time at right place crossing busy roads like a perfect delivery boy. You will also be provided with many kind of transporter truck like cargo truck, tanker truck and many more to transport the fresh dairy milk bottles to the customer’s door step. Handover all the bottles to the man and drive back to the factory, in milk transporter truck for next delivery order.

To complete the delivery mission, you need to reach in a given time, so be ready and drive in rush to reach customers to supermarkets, houses and stores in this delivery simulator game. Now you have to manage your van driving skills to transport milk carefully in the big busy city.


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