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“The best email app for the iPhone.” - The Verge
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Meet Outlook for iOS, the app that helps millions of users connect all their email accounts, calendars and files in one convenient spot. Newly redesigned, Outlook for iOS lets you do more from one powerful inbox.

See what matters most first with the Focused inbox that keeps the important messages on top. Switch between your emails and calendar to schedule your next meeting or share your availability with just a few taps. Or grab a document from your Files list and attach it to an email seamlessly.

With everything you need only a tap away, managing your busy days is now easier than ever.

Outlook for iOS works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, (including Hotmail and MSN), Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud.


Here’s what you’ll love about Outlook for iOS:

Seamless inbox management

- A “Focused” inbox that displays your most important messages first. The more you use it, the smarter it gets.
- Swipe gestures to quickly schedule, delete and archive messages.
- Smart filters to help you sort through your inbox.

Easy access to calendar and files

- Share your meeting availability with just a tap and easily find times to meet with others.
- View and attach any file from your email, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more, without having to download them to your phone.

Work on the go

- Open Word, Excel, or other Office document attachments to edit them directly in the corresponding app and attach them back to an email.
- Set your Out of Office messages directly from your iPhone or iPad.
- Multitask seamlessly on iPad with full Split View support in iOS 9.


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No Notifications

Recently have not been receiving notifications from either my phone or iPad. My push notifications are indeed on but after logging in on a desktop I’ve discovered that missed out on several handfuls of emails regarding a work emergency. This is really a bad time to overlook whether your app is working properly.

Awesome app
Ebenezer Egwu

I love using this app.


You send an email out and it doesnt send even though it says sent. You have to email multiple times and have to. Email yourself to make sure email actually went out.

Major Feature Missing

Using Intune to manage Outlook, it’s not possible to sync contacts with my phone. The one-time “save” option doesn’t work. Other MDM/Email apps can securely support contact sync, why can’t Intune and Outlook? Also, why can’t we call the app Intune? Why “Company Portal”?

Haven’t been able to send mobile emails.

I’ve had to use this app for my CPP email for the past four years. I have never been able to send an email from the app. Every message I compose goes directly into my outbox folder when I try to send. It never sends. I have emailed support countless times about this. Their only solution is update the app. Just download gmail.

Embedded Image in Email

Unable to save an embedded image to my iPhone. Only option is to save to a cloud account.

No syncing between Apple watch and iPhone when marking read, delete, etc...

It’s super annoying that when an email is marked as read or deleted from the Apple Watch it does not do that action in the outlook app on the iPhone until the app is actually opened. Ex: iPhone at my desk, email comes in, delete it from Apple Watch. Go back to desk 30 min later, see a new email notification on the iPhone thinking it’s something new... oh wait never mind, it’s the email from 30min ago I deleted and NOW it deletes after I opened the app. Typical Microsoft programming laziness.

It keeps logging me off
bert mcalister

I’ve downloaded this app half a dozen times and every time it keeps logging me off I’m done with it

Delayed Notifications

The app is great , most other apps I’ve used always have a problem opening attachments just like Edison mail , however Edison mail is at least better at pushing notifications on time , for someone who uses exchange email at work at the airport every minute counts and I can’t just receive an email 15 minutes late , please try to find the solution to the delay in receiving emails , and no deleting and reinstalling or resetting the app didn’t work so please don’t suggest that

Terrible Caching, Buggy

Like most MS products, this app is great when it works but unfortunately comes with a lot of bugs that will never get fixed. Main issue is terrible caching. Every time I get an email from my work account, the ribbon count is completely off and always increased by one. For example, if I get one new email it says 2. Every. Single. Time. And then I delete the email and then it says 1 even though there isn’t another new email. Then I open the app again and then the ribbon reflects the true email count which is zero. Horribly annoying.

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