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Microsoft Office is free iOS app published by Microsoft Corporation

To MS Office

Ammar Abdulateef

Thank you so much for this application.



Thanks for your attempt in developing the seems to be better to have arabic and persian language in voice typing. Please add these languages and other ones To have a better sence when using Microsoft office.

Microsoft Office 365 Word


This started out as a great tool, but lately has been a huge headache due to the fact that after a short period of time typing there are constant delays in words appearing and punctuations, spaces and words are being added randomly. Nothing has helped to correct the issue. We have tried deleting and reuploading it and that hasn’t helped, we checked our internet and that isn’t the issue, we have even tried other devices with the same thing and it happens there too. It’s very frustrating especially when it is the main tool for my schoolwork.



Documents will not print with the document content visible

Love the app


Couldn’t get through my new work day with out the diversity of being able to upload to different CPUs.

Love office


The best and the one and only 👌😎😎

Error occurred


I love this app only thing is I can’t log in with my student account. Every time I try to log in it sends me to my school page with - Error occurred.

App keeps freezing at first launch


When I hit open officer the Turn on Notifications page comes up and selecting either option doesn’t advance the screen. Frozen. Not a great start. Had to uninstall. Never got it to work. Using iPhone 11.

Outlook / Office / Word integration is bad

Teddy Bruski

Why would a MS Word document from Outlook open in the Office app... it should open in the Word app. Then, after editing my word document, I went back to the Outlook app only to deal with freezings of the Outlook app. I couldn’t even add a subject line or text in the body. This is really basic stuff, and I just had very frustrating experience trying to make basic edits to a document. I was prompted to rate the app, so here you go.