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en-US: Metro Pulse is Knoxville's indispensable alternative newsweekly covering local issues, culture, entertainment, and personalities. Featuring in-depth reporting, unrestrained critical writing, and simply the best arts and entertainment calendar in town, Metro Pulse is Knoxville's weekly must-read. The Metro Pulse E-Edition brings each issue to your mobile device as a complete replica of the print edition. It also includes access to a searchable index to back issues. 
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Not one single nekkid picture of Matthew T. Everett on this thing.


On the iPad this is a pretty sloppy & haphazard rendition of the physical paper. Navigation is difficult & awkward, and the screens are just messy. This is particularly disappointing since the News-Sentinal, which owns MP, has a slick & well-designed iPad app. It seems somebody holds to the view that, since MP has a funky style, the app designers ought to write funky code. Sorry, guys, but it doesn't work that way. Funk is in the paper. Your job is to produce the easiest, most transparent user experience possible, so the funk created by the hard-working – well, the more-or-less working – paper staff can appear in its full, oddball glory. You haven't done that. MP deserves better, and so do we. David Habercom


This app is absolutely terrible. I love the Metro Pulse but there is literally nothing useful, engaging, or even mildly entertaining about this app. The user interface is confusing. I can't even get an article to display properly.