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Mermaid Secrets15–Mermaid Bait

Alan escapes from the jail and plans to implement his revenge plan. Mermaid princess Mia's secrets was exposed. Alan kidnapped mermiad Mia and want to blackmail Eric. The revenge story is going on. High school boy Eric deeply fall in love with mermaid Mia. What will happen in this high school love? How can they get out of the first love dilemma?
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1.Love is the most mysterious thing in the world. It’s both romantic and painful.
2.All triangle love is dangerous, it all end in tragedy. Will mermaid Mia be safe after Alan breaks prison?
3.Alan makes a crazy revenge plan and kidnap Mia again. Who can save mermaid princess Mia in this emergency situation?
4.High school boy Eric's locker room is messy. Let’s clean it up.
5.Eric finds mermaid Mia been kidnapped by Alan. he is so worry about his first love.
6.Will this high school love end with a happy ending? Or this secret love will be a heart-break story?
7.Eric tries to save mermaid Mia. Can he rescue mermaid successfully?
8.You will have a vivid car fixing experience and get repair stimulation in Mermaid Secrets.
9.Oh no! Eric loses consciousness. High school girl Mia gets out of the fish tank and do an emergency surgery to save her first love.
10.Experience the heartbreak love, and enjoy the romantic love story with mermaid princes.

The most interesting high school games ever! Let’s explore the mermaid’s world
and experience the romantic love story together. Download the Mermaid Secrets

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Good app but one small problem

It says words like go to hell and what the hell are you doing. Those words are not kid appropriate.