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Mermaid Clothes Salon & Makeup

Come with us to the princess spa beauty salon where she will get ready! Let's try a magic mermaid makeover!
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Magic mermaid is a lovely princess of the underwater. She likes to look pretty and to change her look with a new makeover. That is why se loves so much going to the beauty mermaid salon. Get ready for a spectacular makeover and make our mermaid princess happy!

Inside our princess beauty salon you will find different sections:
1. A wellness spa where you will find all types of face masks, water vapor and ingredients to repair and relax the beautiful face of our mermaid princess
2. A girl makeup salon full of colorful makeup, lipsticks, eye shadows, rouges, mascaras,etc... Enjoy the fairy tale dream of becoming the most beautiful princess!
3. A complete nail salon: Create fantastic and trendy nails to complete your magic manicure makeover!
4. An ultimate facial care to close the trip to the beauty salon is also waiting for you: Remove facial hair and eye bags and all type of skin spots before you are ready to go!
5. Last but not least: We created an artist store to make your creativity flow. In this magic section you will be able to paint and create enjoyable mermaid paints, take a picture of them and send it to your friends, is not it cool?

Makeup, manicure, wellness and spa salon, facial care... All mixed in this mermaid beauty game like a magic fairy tale dream!
Ready for a princess makeover in our girl beauty salon?


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