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"Meng Niang war Kyi" is a bloody funny day windy hand game with the original story as the background. At the beginning, the protagonist of the game was given the responsibility of saving the world. In order to accomplish this important task, after a lot of trials, from a waste material to the strongest battle with countless beautiful girl followers! The original plot and high-energy dialogue in the game can make the player smile or laugh. And hundreds of exquisite cards in different shapes in the game can also meet the needs of the Pingtung Party! The big broken shape in the battle can also make people feel the color of being abused. Treasures, test towers, patrols, encirclement evil spirits, world bosses, battles against the city, secrets, demon, all kinds of amazing and interesting gameplay systems make the game more than boring collection.
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Games chan liu iPhone, iPad, iPod


Rich gameplay system: the treasure, the test tower, the patrol, the evil spirits, the world boss, the battle of the sand city, the secrets of the demon all kinds of amazing fun game system, the main line copy, enrich the gameplay system

舔 screen card burst: 3 major factions! 5 grades! Hundreds of cards! A variety of cards are waiting for the players to collect, how to match the team battles is to test the player's brain capacity

Hilarious original plot: high-energy original plot dialogue, no collection of people's teeth, the earthy taste has a confession of the people laugh


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