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Guess you don’t care.

Apparently the developer of this app doesn’t care one bit about who loves the app and how many of us beg and nicely ask to update it. It’s not happening. Good way to make a bad name for yourself.

Update the app please
Nothing is impossible with God

I love the app can you updated it Please

Worthless if not able to update

Developer needs to update this app to work with iso 11 but they’re as worthless at doing so as this app is now. Here today gone tomorrow morons. Steer clear

Please update!

I want to be able to make and see memes again on a 64 bit app ;-;

Update please!

Your meme app is the cleanest most simple available but it doesn't work on new phones/iOS. Update puhhleease!


I need you to update the app so I can give you an accurate rate...

No update...

Whoever the lazy **** is that developed this app is was too lazy to update it to be compatible with iOS 11 so thanks for making it to where I can’t use it anymore.

Update your app

Update your app, we can’t access it with IOS 11 or later...

Please Update App

This app was one I used on a regular basis, but now it’s just taking up space on my phone. This has started happening recently with other apps too. I hate getting comfortable with an app, and then the developer no longer cares about updating it. Definitely a downer.


Please update!!!!!

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