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Me - What You Call Me? discover exactly what other people really think about you!
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ME - What You Call me!?

Curious? No more :) Join Millions of Users worldwide!
ME is a free app that allows you to see the names that other people give you on their phones.

Discover what other people really think about you!

Find out just how your contacts named you…

"Me" is the only app out there enabling you to know exactly how your contacts are saving your name on their phone, easily, quickly and on real-time.

Get real-time notifications on logged-in friends, updated contact info from Facebook, get suggestions to new friends, send & receive amazing stickers, search the person behind the phone number, alert the community on spam numbers and be alerted on spam calls on your country!

And there is so much more:

* Always keep updated the names people give you on their phone, even if they are not on you contact list.

* Always know who name you how, watch his facebook, contact him with quick actions (facebook, whatsapp, sms, in app stickers etc...)

* Discover who among your friends already uses Me app, watch his “me” profile, send him stickers and much more!

* Caller ID – Missed call from unknown number? Don't worry with the simple Me search phone number caller id you will always know who is the person behind the phone number! Watch his me profile and then decide weather to get back to him or aware of just a spam call.

You can watch his facebook profile, quick add to your contact list, send an sms or a whatsapp message.

We've added more than 1 Billion phone numbers that we can identify! Growing each second.

* Got a bad result? Wanna report spam alert the community? Very easy touch on the result and send us a report, our team will confirm and alert other 'me' users.
Keep track on your recent phone searches, that way you will always know who's behind any number :) no more unknown phone numbers 'me simply see – caller id'!

* Spam Alert & Spam report – We've built the ultimate and most updated Spam alert for Iphone! Just log in once a day to update. With new IOS 10 Support it will show as me Caller Id Identification for SPAM

Our team works 24/7 and validates the good reports that way you will always be alerted

* Notifications – Get real time notifications and watch them on a special screen.
Keep updated when a new friend join the app, when someone change your name, when you receive a sticker from a friend or a stranger, when your spammy report has been approved and much more! With our new notifications screen!

* Today's extension search phone numbers – new for IOS8+ users want to search phone number easily and fast? Just install our extension, slide the today screen, paste the number and get a fast result!

* Send and receive amazing STICKERS with your own text or use our templates very easy and super fun!

* Keep in touch with long forgotten friends.

* Live Caller Id from calls from Me to Me Users we will send you a push notification with the identity of the caller only when he is not in your contacts!

* Fast & easy registration, already signed up with the same phone number? No need for a second activation!

* You've got lots of cool names? Wanna share it with your friends? Simple capture screen share that will do the job!

* Profiles!
* Now you can choose your own name
* Your own Picture!
* Your own Availability!
* Your own Social networks!
* Mutual contacts, now you will be able to view your shared contacts with your friends
* Backup & Restore your contacts!
* Today's widget has been upgraded, copy a phone number slider the widget and thats it!
You will always know who is behind your missed calls.

Join "Me" today, the party has just begun…

For questions or comments please email us:
Email: [email protected]
Like us on Facebook:

Languages: English, Hebrew, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, German, Swedish


Just took my contacts and doesn’t work!!!!

INVASION OF PRIVACY, JUST WANTS YOUR INFO. Made me give access to contacts and then stuck in a white screen that will not go away. Restarted app, same white screen. UNINSTALLED THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED.



This program mix’s contact info!

Yesterday I got a notification from this app that a certain individual added my number to their phone seeing as I did not recognize this persons name so i contact him via SMS just to find out that my number was not in their phone this app does not work as expected… You have been warned ..! Follow up I just spoke to their customer service on Facebook they We’re very uncooperative and would not take the blame for Bad programming their app is “perfect” Claims the representative on the other Side of the chat, sounds to me more like a breach in security and a program full of bugs....


Doesn’t work. The slide feature to bring up the report button works. However reporting doesn’t do anything ?

Privacy intrusion

Huge intrusion of privacy. Must be banned.

Great app, missing features
S. Tam

I use this app in conjunction with TrueCaller. Together they identify 99% of numbers, apart- about 80%. For some reason, though, only TC gives me caller ID on the iPhone. Me really needs that functionality, too.


How do you find out what your contact name is in someone else’s phone?

Still does not show incoming calls names...

Other than that it was pretty good. iPhone 6s iOS V-11.2.5 2018


שאני נכנס לאפליקציה זה נותן שגיאה: לא ניתן לאתר נותנים, נסה שנית ואז המסך לבן ולא קורה כלום..

Great! Just a small thing to add.

If you would somehow be able to connect it to Facebook and see how your contacts call you from Facebook I would guarantee a 5 star