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Maze Dash is the wildest dashing puzzler ever. DASH through over 300 mazes by simply swiping your finger in a desired direction to fill each maze.
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Games Free Umbrella Games LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

SWIPE, DASH & FILL are the only rules of this game!

• Over 300 Hand Crafted Levels
• Minimalistic Art Style
• Challenge Friends
• Haptic Feedback for iPhone 7 & iPhone X
• Amusing Background Music


Fun to play.!

When I get home from work this is a perfect game to play during commercials while I'm watching TV. Challenges your brain 👍🏽

Ad system ruins game. Plays ads with audio even with sound muted.

Ad system ruins game. Ads play audio even when muted. Wound rather pay for a version of the game without ads.

Add More Levels

I have completed the entire game in 2 days and it was very fun, but you need to add more levels or else people will delete your app very soon

Pretty good

This game is fun and a great time killer👌🏼. To be honest I wouldn’t have minded a banner ad instead of one popping up every three levels


It's a really good game!!

Igor Karkaroff

Surprise me with jogability

Great game

Awesome time killer and it's fun

JFK 12583289


Fun game

Game is fun & makes u think but the annoying sound turns on every time u start the game even after go to main page & turn it off.

Pretty good... but there are some glitches

First off, the premise of the app is nice. It’s refreshing and addicting. The music is pretty decent, modern-retro-ish whatever you wanna call it. But it’s good. One of my gripes is that the snake has a nice animation where it slams into whichever way you make it turn - it’s really satisfying. But the final slam for when you complete the level glitches and it slows down... a lot. Not a big deal, but for aesthetic purposes, it should slam more profoundly. A bigger problem is with the sound after an ad. After every 4-5 levels/attempts, you get a 30sec ad that you can skip, but once the game resumes, the sound is completely gone. These two fixes will enhance the game rather substantially. The game loads kinda slow, but I don’t think there’s a simple fix for that. Overall, great game, minor flaws software wise.